Ekaterina Botziou

Hello! I'm Ekaterina.

With a bouzouki-loving father from Greece and a ballerina mother with roots as mixed as a tequila sunrise, Ekaterina Botziou spent her formative years learning that no other nation compares to the might of the Hellenic realm. After studying Law, Ekaterina was so traumatised that she feared her creative days were over.

Eventually she was hit by Zeus’ lightning bolt of inspiration and burst onto the self-publishing scene with her first book Greek Expectations: The Last Moussaka Standing. At the same time she founded The Greek Wives Club – a group that promotes Hellenism and Greek brands and helps women connect.

Life and more books followed and now Ekaterina shares all her entrepreneurial endeavours right here. Her planner brand Pandorus Publishing creates unique notebooks, diaries and journals to help with organisation and manifestation. From educational resources to digital downloads, writing workbooks to guided blog tips, Ekaterina hopes to support all those on their plate-smashing creative journey. 

She is also the founder of I Spy my Evil Eye – an online boutique selling unique evil eye accessories, jewellery and home decor from the Mediterranean.


A long time ago, when I was just a wee nipper with uncontrollable frizzy locks and eyebrows that could have been potential fire hazards, a teacher told me that I should one day endeavour to publish my amateur scribblings. Many years on, and those scribblings might still be amateur, but they’ve finally been published! My advice to anyone starting on their writing journey, is to write what you know. Which is exactly what I did (rightly or wrongly) when I self-published my first book Greek Expectations: The Last Moussaka Standing, a semi-autobiographical, comedic novel based on my experiences growing up with, and later marrying into a Big, Not-so-Fat Greek family. I then decided to write what I don’t know and instead, combine my love of Greek mythology with my love of parody and humour by publishing my second book, Theseus & the Mother-in-Law and other Myths & Legends. Not wishing to be pigeon-holed, I also tried my hand at poetry with my short story in verse Seraphina and eventually expanded into children’s literature with the Greek mythological children’s series The Adventures of Omicron

My books are available in Paperback and on Kindle from Amazon worldwide. The only exception is my writers workbook The Ink Pot Planner which can be purchased directly from my website. You can see my Amazon bookstore for the UK and US and some books are also available through Barnes and Noble. Alternatively if you would like to contact me I can send you a signed copy of any book.

This guided workbook, planner and journal all in one is designed for those looking to put pen to paper and includes an undated yearly planner, weekly writing exercises and pages of inspiration. Kickstart your writing project with this workbook!

Available as a paperback AND as a downloadable digital file. Digital format only £4.99!


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Writing Saved my Sanity

Before I started my blog and wrote my first book, I was teetering on the brink of an abyss. The abyss of creative depression, to be exact. The rigidity of a law degree and the subsequent tedious legal jobs, coupled with the frustrations of an attempted career within the fickle film and television industry had left me creatively bereft.

Diamond's are a Girl's best Friend

Marilyn Monroe spoke for women all over the world when she sang “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” in 1953 for the film Gentleman Prefer Blondes. Known as one of the world’s most prestigious jewellery companies, the name Harry Winston is synonymous with luxury, glamour, gems, jewels and of course diamonds.

The Blue Morning Express

The dreaded morning commute; a rite of passage for many who enter the depressingly strict, robotic routine of the working world. Every morning I gather my spirits off the floor and join the throng of morbidly morose, facially vacuous beings who keep the world’s economic clock ticking.

A Toxic Kind of Love

From a young age we are taught that forgiveness and acceptance is the key to happiness. But have these teachings been misconstrued to such an extent that we now have a warped view of what actually deserves forgiveness? Do we now unconsciously gravitate towards destructive relationships?