A Greek’s Will

A Greek’s Will

A Greek’s Will

Reputation for the Greeks,

Scores higher than the mountain peaks,

No matter what your aim in life,

The goal to marry and be a wife,

Is what you should aspire to do,

For no-one else will look at you,

When you are old and still alone,

And have no others in the home,

To procreate is just God’s will,

Don’t wait until you’re over the hill.

To breed is vital to the race,

More Greeks must thrive and take our place,

And christen him or her you must,

In the Orthodox Church we trust,

To carry on the family name,

So Greeks can rule the world again.


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  1. Salem Hanna
    20th July 2013 / 10:15 am

    Loving the baby in the rapper pose…clearly grateful that the poetic advice was followed by its parents!

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