A long time ago, when I was just a wee nipper with uncontrollable frizzy locks and eyebrows that could have been potential fire hazards, a teacher told me that I should one day endeavour to publish my amateur scribblings.

However, after three years of forced essay writing about the state of the UK’s legal system, followed by several re-works of that great title ‘The CV’, I feared that my creative literary days were over. My short stories, poems and scripts lay unfinished next to the spanakopita left-overs, as I was briefly dazzled by the bright lights of film sets and a potential ‘film career’.

Eventually, I was hit by Zeus’ lightning bolt of inspiration and awoke from my literary slumber with an all consuming need to share my rants, raves and general Greek philosophy about life with the world, through a blog.

Then I had children, and my brain disintegrated. What’s left of it lies here.

Welcome to my plate-smashing world.

Opa! xoxo

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