Amazon Fun and Educational Gifts for Kids!

Amazon Fun and Educational Gifts for Kids!

A lot of kids today seem to have it all – the latest tech, the latest video game, etc, but how much of that is really both educational AND fun for ALL the family? So for this festive season, I’ve created a list of Amazon fun and educational gifts for kids that will hopefully nurture minds (both young and old!) and be a firm family favourite for the years to come.

Endangered Animals Bingo

More than just your average bingo contest, this beautifully illustrated game includes a large game board, 12 game cards, 64 chips (animal squares) and 200 counters inside a cloth bag. The animals featured are all under threat, from the stripy Okapi to the bearded Iberian lynx, and are brought to life as gorgeous watercolour images by London-based illustrator Marcel George. I have spent several hours playing this game with my three children, discussing facts about the animals, their habitats, and so on. There are several of these beautiful games to collect including Ocean Bingo and Bug Bingo – at just under £20, we love them all!

Usborne London Quiz Book

Quiz books are a must for fun family gatherings, especially at Christmas! Perfect as a stocking filler, this nicely illustrated quiz book includes multiple choice, true or false and odd-one-out questions designed to test your knowledge about London and all it’s secrets. Great for ages 7 and above!


Another version of Geo-Mag, Magna-Tiles are basically magnetic squares and triangles that you can spend endless hours creating structures with. We have lots of different sets by different brands, and they all fit perfectly together. Spatial reasoning, hand-to-eye coordination, motor skills and creative thinking are some of the skills you and your child can build on using these amazing sets!

Magnetic Building Sticks

Similar to the magna-tiles, these magnetic building sticks are also available from various brands, and come in different lengths. We have both the longer sticks and the shorter sticks and my kids spend hours building stick figures, 3D shapes, and more by connecting the marble balls and sticks together. Definitely more for older children (due to the size of the marbles),  this is great fun for all the family and comes presented in a cloth bag for portability!

Usborne Lift the Flap Books

Usborne books are a delight for all ages, and the lift-the-flap collection is sure to engage even the most reluctant of readers. From questions about space, to facts about weather and climate, and general knowledge, these books will remain on your shelves for years to come.

Articulate for Kids

Articulate has to be one of the best games I have ever played. It comes out at most family gatherings, and comedic chaos is sure to ensure. I will never forget being paired with my aunt one Christmas, and trying to describe to her a word that was both a city in Germany and a perfume. Her answer ‘eau de toilette’ still gets me every time! This children’s version is perfect for younger (and older) years and is great for expanding vocabulary.

Explosive Experiments

Galt are great at their STEM sets and this explosive experiment one is no exception. Create a rocket, make a lava lamp, and mix up some snot with this set – under the supervision of an adult of course! Best for ages 8 and up.

Solar Robot

For older kids (and adults), this Solar Robot set from OMWay STEM building games allows children to learn about renewable energy sources and problem solve whilst encouraging mathematical and engineering skills. There are plenty of these types of sets on the market and easier ones for younger years. A great way to get the whole family together as two heads (or more) are better than one!


So there you go. I hope this list has helped some of you in your search for gifts that are both educational and fun.

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