Bathe like a Greek Goddess!

Bathe like a Greek Goddess!

You may think that bathing like a Greek Goddess involves immersing oneself into a bath of olive oil a la Cleopatra without the milk. Personally I’ve never tried this. What I have tried are some lovely Greek bath/skincare products which hopefully will make you feel like a Greek Goddess and leave your skin glowing from head to toe. 


To begin, cleanse your face with the Korres White Tea Facial Fluid Gel Cleanser; a mild foaming formula that works to eliminate impurities without over-drying. Your skin will be left smooth and hydrated and hopefully without a trace of the Goddess make-up you’ve been wearing all day! I like to squeeze the cleanser onto some big white pads and gently remove any muck from my face but you can simply add to water.

Korres cleanser


Using a special sponge sourced from the Mediterranean sea, lather your body with Korres Santorini Vine shower gel and apply Herbolive Oil & Green Clay mask to your face to leave your whole body feeling hydrated, soft and smooth. The Korres shower and bath range are delicious and my skin felt extra clean after using the mask.


If you prefer to use soap rather than gel why not try the Olive Oil Soap Bar from Fysio – apparently it ‘exfoliates and slims’ (!) and you can even use it on your hair! You can’t go wrong with an organic, natural soap and the smell is quite subtle.

Fysio soap


Once you have rinsed yourself and towel-dried your smooth clean skin it’s time to moisturise. Apply the Korres Wild Rose Moisturiser to your face and neck for 24 hour hydration to repair and revitalise tired skin. This product smells divine and left my face without that horrible dry feeling.

For the body Korres Santorini Vine Body Milk is intensely moisturising, blending shea butter and almond oil to nourish and soothe extra dry skin.  Alternatively why not try Macrovita’s Olive & Argan Body Butter for a delicately scented moisturiser that nourishes and softens. I like them equally!

If you are looking for EXTREME nourishment, particularly for scars or stretch marks or to prevent marks during pregnancy, the Fysio Stretch Marks Cream With Organic Beeswax is your answer. The texture is very thick but the wax/cream literally melts into your skin and is excellent for any dry patches.


By now you should be completely glowing, but if not there are many Greek bath/skincare products on the market and sometimes the lesser known brands, such as Fysio, seem to generate the best results.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a sponsored post. Apart from the Olive and Argan body butter which I was kindly sent by Paparuna, I bought all of these products myself. With my own cold hard cash. But I bought them online so it was more like digital cash. I have tried and tested all of the products mentioned and came across them by chance. Please do read the ingredients for yourself if you are looking for specifically organic, vegan products. 🙂 This post contains affiliate links. Please read my Disclaimer for more information. 


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