Beating Baby Bites

Beating Baby Bites

Like most mums I’m sure, when packing for holiday I am always over prepared and take every baby item you can think of – because let’s face it, there are no children in Cyprus / Greece / the general world and they definitely won’t have a basic item like a nappy… 

My main concerns out in a hot country are sun protection and insect repellant (as well as general first aid kits etc) – bites and sunburns are not pleasant holiday additions but many of us end up suffering from them. So I always arm myself with the most friendly yet most effective baby products I can find:

Ultrasun Extreme Sun Lotion for Extra Sensitive Skin Factor 50+

contains no perfume, no mineral oils, no emulsifiers, no preservatives and is water-resistant. Pip will of course be wearing an all in one wet suit when taking a dip and stays in the shade at all other times but I apply the lotion to his face, arms and legs every day when we are out and about despite my Greek relatives claiming that his Cypriot blood will ensure he gets a tan ‘from the wind’.

Vie Wipe-on Mosquito Repellent Sachets

each contain 1 wipe which is paraben free and deet-free and is safe and natural to use on your baby – simply wipe and go.

Vie After Bite Roll-on

is an ammonia free natural formula containing aloe, chamomile, calendula and mallow.

Mosquitan Kids 24 Adhesive Diffusors

of the essential oils eucalyptus citriodora and citronella are great to stick on the pram/cot and are suitable from birth – hopefully no insect will dare come near!

Sudocreme can be applied to bites, burns, rashes, you name it – I don’t go ANYWHERE without my tube (or tub) of this lifesaver.

Arnica Cream

is a natural cream effective for all types of bruises on both adults and children.

Calpol Sachets

are easy to carry (great to take on the aeroplane in case of tummy pains) and can provide effective relief  from any pain or fever (obviously if your child develops a high fever or comes out in hives or something after a bite you MUST seek medical advice).

You can of course also find other products such as mosquito nets etc to cover over cots/prams to keep the bugg*** I mean, insects away but I am not sure how effective these are when baby likes to pull and bite everything in sight.

I should also note that these are simply items that I personally find useful and not necessarily what might be suitable for your child – I am not a doctor (although you may find that many Greeks think they are!).

So what products do you use in the war against mozzies and insects?




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  1. Sodoulla Georgiou
    15th September 2015 / 11:04 am

    I used to put a couple of drops of Lavender oil on Andreas’ crib or bed sheets to warn off mozzies, plus it kind-of knocks them out a bit! (the baby that is, like as in sleeping better, not kills them!) It’s natural and one little bottle lasted forever.

    • Ekaterina
      15th September 2015 / 4:57 pm

      I might try that even when there aren’t any mozzies!

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