BlueMATI Greek Jewellery Haul

BlueMATI Greek Jewellery Haul

As some of you may know I have long had an obsession with the evil eye /(mati) ‘eye’ – a curse believed to be caused by a malevolent glare. Many cultures believe that receiving the evil eye will cause misfortune or injury and that you can catch the matiasma, from someone’s jealous compliment. To protect against the evil eye, talismans with the eye painted on them were created. These talismans could be a piece of clothing, an ornament to hang in the house, or my personal preference: a piece of jewellery. Or several pieces. And so commences another Greek jewellery haul. 

In my never-ending quest to add to my evil eye collection, I stumbled upon Melbourne based online boutique store BlueMATI. And I’ve been obsessed ever since! This mother and daughter team turned their passion and love for everything Greek into a hugely successful business, sourcing beautiful fashion pieces from all over Greece. The collection consists of a mix of beautiful sterling silver jewellery, handmade sandals and bags as well as eclectic home décor all imported from my fatherland.


After getting in touch with the company I decided to purchase a couple of jewels from the collection and the lovely owner Maria even sent me an extra piece to complete my haul. I should note that the pieces I received are currently no longer in stock but similar items can be found on the website and more stock may be coming in soon.

BlueMATI jewellery
TOP RIGHT: These gorgeous MAIA earrings are made with rose gold elements and a turquoise eye and the intricate middle section is laser cut. They look absolutely stunning on and I can’t wait to wear them with my summer wardrobe! (Not the actual wardrobe, the clothes in the wardrobe obviously…)
TOP LEFT: I have a lot of evil eye bracelets but this gold beaded bangle is utterly unique and the style is so reminiscent of Ancient Greek times. The evil eye bead has a turquoise design on the back so it’s like having two bracelets in one!
BOTTOM: These turquoise evil eye drop earrings are my personal favourite from my haul. They are so well made and look unique, elegant and classy. I have had so many compliments about these earrings and I really hope they come back in stock as I want to buy more as gifts for friends and family!
If, like me, you are a jewellery lover AND want to keep yourself protected all day long, then BlueMATI is the store for you. After all, evil eye’s are a Greek girl’s best friend…
Keep an ‘eye’ out for my Greek jewellery vlog coming soon to my YouTube channel where I will be featuring all the pieces above as well as lots of other Greek items I like to adorn myself with!

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  1. 10th February 2017 / 4:48 am

    Awesome post koukla mou! Love your photos and the jewelry is truly amazing.

    • Ekaterina
      10th February 2017 / 5:01 am

      Thanks koukla I love it! xxx

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