Book Review! The Sifnos Chronicles by Sharon Blomfield

This month we featured THE SIFNOS CHRONICLES by Sharon Blomfield as our book of the month. Sharon kindly sent us a copy waaaay back in the summer and we loved every page! If you are fancy travelling back to Greece this winter then check out this book – a perfect stocking filler!

This wonderful travel memoir is a delight to read. Readers will absolutely feel like they are physically on the island of Sifnos with the help of Sharon’s exquisite descriptions of the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the Greek isle. Sharon takes the reader on a journey through her own experiences of mad Greek drivers, squabbling neighbours and copious amounts of food and drink.

Nicely paced with a gentle easy flow, each chapter introduces something new and inviting about the island and it’s inhabitants and the warmth that comes not just from the scorching sun.

From the moment Sharon recalls her first steps off the ferry the reader is immersed in a culture that is both amusing and bemusing, and the little black and white pictures dotted throughout the book add to the reading experience.

If you have ever been to Sinfos this travel narrative will bring back magical memories, and if you haven’t been you will be wanting to book your ticket before the last page has even been turned!

This is a truly lovely read and a great debut novel from an author who is sure to have further literary success in the future.

If you want to read more about Sharon’s experiences be sure to visit her blog where you can find links to other stories and more photos.

The book can be purchased from and as well as various other book retailers which are listed on Sharon’s website and if you happen to travel to Sifnos next year you can pick up a copy at To Bibliopoleio in Apollonia!  


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    Thank you for this lovely review, Ekaterina!