Boost your Bust this October!

Boost your Bust this October!

As we come to the end of October, I thought I would fit in a quick post on Breast Care seeing as it is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So for the all the lovely gents who read my blog, yes, this post is about a part of the female anatomy, but not in any top-shelf magazine kind of way, so don’t get excited… 

Before having my son, I had never been professionally fitted for a bra. I wore a range of styles from different shops, some cheaper than others and some more uplifting than others. But in general I never felt truly comfortable in any of my bras.

After the waxing and waning of pregnancy and after birth, I had absolutely no idea what size I was and recently decided it was high time I gave my bosom some TLC, so popped into a store for a fitting.  One quick glance and a flick of the measuring tape later, the cheery fitting assistant delivered the shocking news:

I AM A 32D. Potentially even a DOUBLE D.  

Well blow me down and call up page 3!!! (Thankfully now defunct…)

Since as far back as I can remember I have been wearing a 34B.

To be fair, I knew I measured 32 under the bust, but I have always found that band size particularly tight and I can’t stand restricting the girls, so always opted for the larger back size.

Cue a much needed lingerie shopping spree and a huge underwear clear-out.

Now in case you were all wondering, there is a point to this post. Experts estimate that more than 85 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Your breasts change throughout your life and apparently you are meant to be fitted for the correct bra every six months. Most of us haven’t had a bra fitting for six years!

In all seriousness, wearing a badly fitted bra can be dangerous for your health. Headaches, neck pain, breathing problems, circulation problems and even skin problems can be related to badly fitting bras. According to The British School of Osteopathy, bras that are too tight and particularly those with tight underwiring can put stress on bones and muscles, which can cause breathing difficulties.

Many women wear bras with too large a band size and too small a cup size. In such cases, the breasts are supporting the shoulder straps, which will cause a lot of unnecessary pressure on the shoulders. With a correctly fitting bra, the breasts are supported from underneath and not from the shoulders.

Moreover, the type of bra you wear can also lead to health issues. While they help your breasts look perkier, push-up bras can actually cause problems when worn too often, so wearing the correct size is very important.

Breasts are held up by ligaments, which attach them to muscles. Over time, the ligaments will weaken and cause sagging. With the correct support, however, women can prevent sagging from occurring earlier. So workout bras are essential as well because they keep the ligaments from stretching as the breasts bounce.

Fittings are also available for maternity bras and you should have another fitting if you have stopped breast-feeding.

You may not even realize you’re wearing the wrong size. Tell tale signs generally include breasts spilling over the cup material, which leads to a ‘rippled’ look. Likewise, when the wrong band size is chosen, bras can ride up the back and cause the look of ‘back fat’. Some non-supportive bras will cause the look of saggy breasts and yet sometimes straps dig into the shoulders so much that they cause deep red marks.

The great thing is that bra fittings are COMPLETELY FREE. And often you can get a discount on a bra purchase after a fitting.

So what are you waiting for?! Boost your bust and get fitted this month!



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