Children’s Book 2 – VOYAGE ON THE ARGO – OUT NOW!

Children’s Book 2 – VOYAGE ON THE ARGO – OUT NOW!

Hello all. I really hope that everyone is safe and well during this unpredictable time. Myself and my family have hunkered down and our days are a mix of (attempted) homeschooling, work and play (yelling and frustration too!). I imagine that many of us had lots of plans over the Easter holidays that have been cancelled or postponed, and as frustrating and disappointing as that is, our health is, of course, our most important priority. (Preachy preachy!)

Despite this strange and bewildering period, many of us are continuing to get on with things as ‘normally’ as we can and so I am very excited to announce that I have gone ahead with the publication of my second Greek mythological children’s book in the Omicron chapter series:

BOOK 2 The Adventures of Omicron: Voyage on the Argo

In Omicron’s second adventure, the little owl finds himself on board the famous ship, the Argo. He must help the mighty warrior Jason and his fearsome Argonauts travel through troubled waters and face the terrible wrath of the deadly Sirens.

The book is available in paperback and kindle from Amazon worldwide:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

It would be wonderful if you could share the book with friends and family who may have children or grandchildren who enjoy early chapter books. Also if you enjoy the book I would really appreciate it if you could take a moment to leave a short review online.

Don’t forget that all my other books are still available on Amazon worldwide and for the next 3 days the kindle versions are currently FREE TO DOWNLOAD. I suppose now is as good a time as any to catch up on some reading!

Take care my friends and thanks for reading!

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