Chris Christodoulou

A fully fledged member and supporter of The Greek Wives Club, Christos Christodoulou was born in Hackney to Cypriot parents and brought up, educated and worked in the UK until 2004.

In February 2004, he moved to Cyprus to retire and focus on his 25 year love of writing.

His first book was a true story about a stray Mini-Pinscher puppy, that had literally wondered into his home, and changed his family’s lives completely. A friend suggested he publish Flora’s Story as an e-book and Chris was encouraged to write more after the story sold so well.

Encouraged by the public’s response, Chris unearthed several stories he had written over the years, both fiction and non-fiction, revised and polished them up and set about having them published in both e-book and paperback format.

Most of Chris’ work is based on his experiences growing up and one particularly poignant book entitled Love you Bro’ which Chris dedicated to his brother, recounts a compilation of nostalgic memories, anecdotes and observations from his youth, from as young as eight years old.

Chris’ latest work The Two Worlds of Tony Leonitou Part 1 and Part 2 has been published as two separate novels with a third in the pipeline.

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This is the true story of Flora, the Mini Pinscher.
When a stray dog, literally strolled into our home, it inspired me to write this charming story. Further inspiration came from a ‘blog’ I was writing of her progress. I was writing it on a forum here in Cyprus. So many people were showing an interest in Flora’s adventures, to the point where one gentleman suggested writing a children’s book about her, and although I had already had this thought, his encouragement gave me that extra push.
What follows are the events from day one when she walked into our lives, to 6 months old.


More fun with Flora!








This book was written as a dedication to my recently deceased brother.

It’s mainly humorous stories of myself growing up with my siblings.

Humorous anecdotes and observations in memory of my brother as he was the main cause of most of the hilarity.




A hilarious guide to living in Cyprus. Even if you have no intention of living in Cyprus, get an insight into an extraordinary world of chaos. Written very much ‘tongue in cheek’ to make you laugh. I have included many pictures that depict Cyprus life more than my words can. Make yourself happy, make yourself laugh.





Eleven short stories with a twist!







They say our lives are pre ordained, our futures are written, and we just have to find them. We may have an idea or choice in which direction we would go and what we would find, but Tony could NOT have predicted what the future held for him. Starting life as an ordinary naive and innocent boy of Cypriot origins and ending up embroiled in a life that was all but innocent.
Building a successful business that was to take him up the ladder, and then come crashing down due to the so called progress of the Worlds politics. A Divorce failed relationships, passionate affairs and eventually a life of crime. A life he was actually enjoying.
Follow Tony Leonitou’s rise and fall, and his escapades in this first book of his life.


Tony could have gone anywhere in the World to escape Tyrone’s clutches, but circumstance took him to ‘Hastings’ on the South coast of England, where Tyrone’s long reaching arm found him. He is once again embroiled in a life of crime, not his chosen occupation, but one he seemed to be enjoying. His love life also changed in the form of Tina, a passionate woman with an insatiable appetite for sex, which Tony was only too happy to provide. Sex eventually turned into love; can love and crime exist side by side? Find out in this second part of Tony’s two worlds.


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