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We would love to offer our opinion but can only review your product or service if it fits with the general Greek theme of our blog and if we are able to physically test samples / attend a production or restaurant / read your book.



We are very happy to write sponsored posts and include links directed to your company or specific product if your brand fits with my blog. You can then link to this post, quote it in your own website or excerpt it for marketing purposes. We can also share competitions and giveaways. All posts will be promoted on social media and distributed via email to subscribers.



Check out Ekaterina Botziou’s growing YouTube Channel to see if we can collaborate through a vlog or product review.



The GWC blog theme can accommodate banners and advertisements featuring your logo, book image, and affiliate marketing.

The GWC aim to educate, empower and inspire women (and the odd gent!) teetering on the edge of Mount Olympus by providing information on Greek traditions, marriage, dating, domestic ‘duties’, cooking, fashion, beauty, travel, language and much more. The Greek Wives Club offers copywriting and editing services, newsletter, advertising packages, and a business directory. The directory is currently FREE so if you run a business that is in any way related to the Hellenic realm, e.g. wedding planner, christening shop, Greek food blog, Greek spa, boutique Greek hotel etc, then please do register and submit your listing so that you can promote yourself to all of our followers. You can find more information here: The Greek Wives Club Advertising Rates and Packages.

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