Coping with (Greek) heat during pregnancy

Coping with (Greek) heat during pregnancy

Last summer I was almost 8 months pregnant when we went on holiday to Cyprus and boy was it HOT! I went out there at just over 28 weeks and came back at 32 weeks. With temperatures rising to 35°C it was definitely not the most pleasant experience. However, I had of course prepared myself and the bun that was quite literally in the ‘oven’ and managed to keep my cool. Whether at home or abroad, you need to protect yourself and your bump in hot weather. So here’s how I coped with heat during pregnancy: 


If you have had a low risk pregnancy you can fly up to 36 weeks. Some airlines don’t allow pregnant women to fly after 28 weeks in case of premature labour. However far along you are it’s important to don a pair of flight socks to prevent DVT. The risk of deep vein thrombosis increases if you are pregnant so these sexy stockings help to keep everything circulating nicely.


This goes without saying even if you are not pregnant. Staying hydrated in hot weather is vital. I always carry a bottle of cold water with me or make sure I have access to clean water. Cool yourself down by running cold water over your wrists or splashing your face. You can also get those handy water sprays to give yourself a refreshing spritz. Or try the Magicool Hot Weather Cooling Spray.


With an active 17 month old (at the time) on my hands I was hardly going to spend the holiday getting much rest. But it’s important not to over do it, so I tried to get a short nap whenever he slept and made sure I didn’t do any heavy lifting. Partying until the early hours of the morning will leave you frazzled so you’re better off just taking it easy!


Thankfully my second pregnancy wasn’t as uncomfortable as my first, and I still did all the normal things I would do on holiday. But you should know your limits. Thinking about taking a gruelling 6 hour hike? If you’re not used to doing an activity in the heat just don’t do it. It’s not worth the possible side effects!


Whether you are pregnant or not wearing a decent suncream really is essential. I’m forever being told that I’m too pale to be Greek but the truth is, I just simply don’t let my skin get as dark as it could. These days I see the sun so rarely (and with the kids I’m mainly in the shade) that I don’t wear as high a factor as I should. BUT when pregnant I made sure the belly was well protected and kept mostly under water!


In the heat your hands and feet can swell and this can be very dangerous for pregnant women. I stopped wearing any rings by this point in my pregnancy. I would have stopped wearing shoes too if it was socially acceptable! Seek medical help immediately if your hands or feet swell a lot!


During my first pregnancy I got severe gastroenteritis while on holiday at 2 months pregnant (why do I do this to myself?) from water! I was so bad that I ended up on a drip! Make sure you drink only bottled water on holiday (not from the tap). It’s also best to avoid salads because you just don’t know if the ingredients have been washed properly. I know all this sounds extreme and everyone wants to enjoy their food when away, but food poisoning can be so dangerous particularly in pregnancy. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


Even if you are not going on holiday and are simply sat in your garden enjoying a rare glimpse of sunshine, it’s so important to look after yourself and your bump in the heat. Stay hydrated, stay safe, and eat as much ice cream as your heart desires!

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