Working Mum Daily Make-Up

Working Mum Daily Make-Up

With Christmas almost upon us, the pre-festive dark circles and stress-lines might be starting to show. So how can you keep yourself looking fresh in the office and not like you’ve been up all night desperately searching for Timmy’s special toy that is no longer in stock anywhere…? With a little help from the make-up box that’s how.

I should state that this is not a beauty tutorial – it’s simply a ‘What make-up I like to use on a daily basis so that I don’t look like an extra from The Walking Dead’ post. Now that I’m back to work, it’s important that I look fresh and presentable and not like I’ve been up several times during the night tending to my Greek prince (…I’m talking about my son here people, don’t get the wrong idea!).

In general I am not a heavy make-up kinda gal as many of you saw in my Natural Make-Up Beauty Tutorial (which of course wasn’t natural at all), but I also don’t throw around the ‘I leave the house with just a slick of lipgloss’ line eitherunless it’s a Sunday.  

You really don’t have to wear lots of make-up to go from ‘washed out’ to ‘scrubbed up’ on a daily basis and my morning routine literally takes me 10 minutes. I’m a firm believer that a flick of mascara or a bright lipstick is sometimes all it takes to brighten up your whole face. Of course there will be days when you need a bit more cover up, but the key is to apply it ONLY on the areas that you need or want to emphasise. The fake-bake look is well and truly out.


After beginning my day with the 5am Challenge, my first step is my morning skincare routine. This consists of washing my face (you’d be surprised how many people on the morning commute skip this part) and applying moisturiser. Shock horror I don’t always cleanse. My face looks instantly brighter after a splash of cold water if a little shell shocked…


I don’t really use foundation – I’m lucky that my skin tone is fairly even and I don’t like the heavy feel of too much cack on my face. Previously I would just cover up my dark circles with Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer Kit and add a touch of QVC’s Doll 10 Conceal It. I’d follow up with a dab of concealer on any red bits and then move onto the blusher. But I started noticing that by the end of the working day my skin looked dull, so I purchased Garnier’s BB Cream + Blur (a moisturiser come primer come very light sort of base) and haven’t looked back! It is so light and gives a lovely soft, velvety feel. I simply apply a little bit to my nose, cheeks and chin (I rarely touch my forehead) to even out my skin and give me that flawless look.

Confused by BB cream? This wonderful product is all the rage now but there are so many different brands on the market that it can be difficult to choose the right one for your skin. BB also do specific under-eye creams to target dark circles. Keep an eye out for my future post where I decide whether to BB or not to BB.


After applying my base I don’t bother with any extra powder as I prefer the dewy look. So I simply sweep on Laura Geller’s Balance n Brighten followed by a touch of blusher. I only brush on a little bit of the Balance n Brighten and use it more as a bronzer, but it is technically a Baked Foundation which you can use in place of your base and build on for more coverage.


 Ah the eyebrows. These can make or break your overall look. I have had a long and turbulent relationship with my Greek brows, but have finally learned to tame them after years of trial and error. The trick is to NOT OVERPLUCK and to follow the natural shape of your eyebrow. I’ve noticed that despite their bushiness, the front of my eyebrows are suddenly looking a bit sparse so I’ve started using an eyebrow pencil to fill in any gaps. It is important to do this subtly so you don’t look like you have drawn on your brows. I have also been trialling the E.L.F. Studio Eyebrow Lifter and Filler and they do an eyebrow kit as well. I then use a clear mascara to slick down any wayward hairs…
Keep an eye out for my ‘How to tame your Greek eyebrows’ post coming soon…


Are you more of an eyeshadow girl or a lipstick queen? I love my bright lipsticks so keep my eyes natural. I apply L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara and if I’m feeling daring I might just sweep a soft brown or gold eyeshadow under the eye for that extra bright look. I have found that wearing a dark eyeliner on its own actually makes me look MORE TIRED because it dramatizes the eyes too much and draws attention to any dark circles.


A colourful lipstick will draw attention away from tired eyes or slightly washed out skin and brighten up your whole face. In the summer I prefer to use a lipgloss but in the winter I go for the matte look with a bold colour like Laura Mercier’s Crème Smooth Lip Colour in Red Amour. Using a lipstick primer like Urban Decay’s Ultimate Ozone Primer Pencil will help your colour stay on for longer and don’t forget to use a lip liner to get a good shape.


Daily make-up before and after

In my opinion make-up should be used to enhance rather than to completely change your appearance. I absolutely don’t have a problem going out without make-up (on my good days) but I think that it is important to look professional when working in a professional environment and for me that means adding a touch of subtle colour for that natural, bright and sprightly look.

So what make-up do you like to use on a daily basis? Do you keep it natural for the office or go full on Grecian Goddess glam? Are you going glitzy in the run up to Christmas? I would love to read your comments!


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