Don’t Mess with Papou!

Don’t Mess with Papou!

Don’t Mess with Papou!

Rocking gently in his chair, while puffing on his pipe,

Papou sits, watching endlessly and contemplating life.

His thick grey brows are often crossed, his smile is rarely seen,

Cantankerous and cavillous, he’s petulant and mean.

Dodging fists and ducking down while running at full pelt,

Papou will bulldoze after you with a pandolfa and his belt.

Kind at times but rarely does he let his strict mask slip,

Slow to go but cross him and he’ll shoot straight from the hip.

The head of all the family, the director of the crew,

The lesson learned from early on is Don’t Mess with Papou!

In memory of my Papou – Vasillios Botzios (The First).



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  1. 13th February 2013 / 11:00 pm

    what an interesting and (personally) evocative poem

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