Have an Egg-citing Easter weekend at Jurassic Kingdom!

Have an Egg-citing Easter weekend at Jurassic Kingdom!

 If you’re not planning to stay inside gorging on meat all weekend like some of us, you may be trying to think up ways to entertain your little ones over the Easter period. I did a bit of research prior to my son’s 2nd birthday and found so many special events being held in the month of April. Dinosaurs are really ‘in’ at the moment so I thought I’d brief you on what we discovered on our day out so you can get hopping and enjoy some quality time with the family!

Jurassic Kingdom at Osterley Park

Forget rabbits, it’s all about the dinosaurs at Osterley Park this Easter! Jurassic Kingdom made it’s UK Tour debut in London this month and it’s the perfect day out. Pip is really into his dinosaurs at the moment so we took him for his birthday last week and he absolutely loved it.

Set in the palatial grounds of Osterley House, Jurassic Kingdom is an outdoor dinosaur experience with over 30 installations of animated dinosaurs with electronic moving parts. A huge T-Rex greets families on arrival complete with roaring sound effects and razor sharp teeth!

The winding path takes visitors through the gardens and parklands uncovering life-sized replica dinosaurs just going about their daily business in the woodlands. We visited on a particularly sunny day but I can imagine the gardens get very muddy on wetter days and the paths themselves are very bumpy although this didn’t deter anyone with prams.

There are numerous food and drinks tents but the park has a very picnic feel to it and many people had brought their own packed lunches to enjoy on the scattered benches you could find hidden here and there. Just a quick warning the toilets are honey wagons and as far as I could tell there were no baby-changing facilities. However this was just within the park itself so I’m sure the house had all the facilities.

As well as the life-size dinosaurs there was also an educational tent showing BBC dinosaur documentaries – but most of the kids seemed to find this boring and preferred the outdoor activities!

The route took us about an hour or so but many of the families there were clearly making it a whole day event and there was definitely enough going on to keep the children entertained.

The website urges you to buy tickets in advance but we simply bought them on the day, although you can save money online and if you are planning to go during a busy period, you might want to avoid any queues. When selecting tickets you will be asked to select a time slot – the website claims that entry is at hourly time slots from 10am to 5pm but we arrived at around 11:45 and no-one said anything about having to wait until midday to enter. So I presume this is simply to avoid massive crowds all arriving at the same time. Once inside the festival visitors can stay as long they wish.

We had a really great time and I am sure that kids and adults alike will enjoy this experience particularly when the weather is fine. The exhibition ends in London on 17th April and then moves to Birmingham as they tour the UK so if you don’t catch it in London you still have a chance elsewhere.

Happy Dinosaur Hunting everyone!



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