Ekaterina Botziou

Born in Leigh-on-Sea, England, to a bouzouki-loving father hailing from Greece and a ballerina mother with roots as mixed as a tequila sunrise, Ekaterina spent her formative years learning that every word comes from the Greek language and that no other nation compares to the might of the Hellenic realm.

After studying Law at University College London, she signed with an acting agency and worked on several Hollywood films and British television productions, while moonlighting in the legal and financial industries. Now living in Wimbledon with her Greek Cypriot husband, Ekaterina continues to spin as many plates as she smashes, dabbling in the showbiz industry while juggling a full time job in finance alongside her writing and various other media-related projects.

In 2013 Ekaterina published her first book Greek Expectations: The Last Moussaka Standing, a survival guide based on the trials and tribulations of growing up with a bouzouki-loving Greek father and marrying into a baklava-wielding Cypriot family. The book reached number 2 on the Amazon Free Kindle download list in its first promotional month and garnered rave reviews.

A year later, she released her second book Theseus & the Mother-in-Law and Other Myths & Legendsa parody of all the Greek myths and legends, from the tale of Heracles and his twelve labours to Theseus and his battle with the Cretan Minotaur.

Her third book Seraphina: a short story in verse was published in February 2015 and takes on a completely different genre from her previous work. Set in medieval times, the dark story follows a young girl’s quest to seek vengeance for the death of her parents and is written entirely in poetic narrative.

Ekaterina is now working on a collection of children’s stories as well as a third book in her Greek comedy series.

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Primary important facts about Greek men:

Their mother is number one.

Their father is number two.

Their sibling(s) are number three.

Their cousins, uncles and aunts are number four.

Their pet(s) are number five.

Their village community is number six.

Their car is number seven.

Growing up in a big, not-so-fat, semi-Greek household, Ekaterina Botziou spent much of her childhood defying her father’s wishes for her to learn to play the bouzouki, and refusing third helpings of moussaka. Determined never to be the stereotypical Greek woman stuck in the kitchen, she chose to while away long summer days in Greece playing “What’s the time Mr Wolf?” with her 101 Greek cousins, rather than be stuck inside learning to cook with Yiayia. Unfortunately Zeus had other ideas, and in a twist of fate some years later, Ekaterina found herself married to a Greek-Cypriot and battling against the stale old laws of Greek tradition.

Part memoir, part rant, part survival guide, this book is a God-send for all those tormented by guilt-inducing mother-in-laws, pandofla-wielding grandfathers, and oppressively hairy husbands.


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00019]In the time before time, when the Titans came forth and battled the Olympians for immortal supremacy, Zeus, the greatest of all the Olympian Gods, emerged victorious and took to his throne on Mount Olympus. Bored with the petty squabbling between his brothers, he instructed Prometheus to create man and thus the age of the Greek Heroes began.

Fearless and brave, they battled whatever mythological creature the gods threw at them, from the hideous, hissing Medusa, to the monstrous, multi-headed Hydra, to the rampaging, raging Minotaur. Whether fighting for glory, for love, or for immortality, the champions of myth and legend made their names on the battlefields of Ancient Greece.

But who was the greatest hero of all? Was it the valiant Perseus fighting for the freedom of his dear mother? Could it be Theseus the suave slayer of the Minotaur? Perhaps it was fearsome Achilles the golden boy of Troy? Or was it the mighty demi-god Heracles, the son of Zeus himself?

You decide.

Think you know the tales of the Greek heroes? Think again.


“All were about to fall from the den of the hyena, For the Order had not foreseen the strength of little Seraphina.”

Born into a world ravaged by the fires of war and hate, little Seraphina is forced into hiding after her mother and father are brutally murdered by the Order. Led by the despotic Fanatic and his army of metallic pawns, the Order seeks to crush all who defy their tyrannical regime and slaughter those who stand in their way. But amidst the bloodshed, a secret Alliance forms who dare to challenge the Fanatic’s reign. As Seraphina grows into a fierce and respected young woman, she gains the adoration of those who fought by her parents’ side and becomes a beacon of hope for the land’s tormented souls. With Fear and Death lurking in the shadows, Seraphina must find the courage to avenge her loved ones and free the people from the chains of eternal darkness.