Eleni Violaris

London based talent Eleni Violaris, comes from a family of professional musicians and has been making music and taking part in professional recordings since she was five years old.

Eleni sings and plays the piano, flute and guitar and is also a talented actress and classically trained ballet dancer.

As a youngster, Eleni recorded children’s solo and chorus parts on a double CD recording of a contemporary music drama/opera entitled, ‘El Cid’, written and composed by her father (Andonis Violaris) in discussion with Placido Domingo.

At 12 years of age, Eleni, together with her younger brother Adam (a composing prodigy), performed and sang to special delegation from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in Geneva and helped win the contract to make a CD and video entitled, ‘Children for the World Environment’, to support UNEP’s outreach programme during the ‘Year of the Mountain’s’ in 2002.

Whilst studying Music, Art, English and Dramatic Arts at A-Level at Alexandra Park High School, Eleni acted and sang in numerous stage productions, including performing the lead role of Blousey Brown in the musical, ‘Bugsy Malone’, to great acclaim. Eleni took part in many performances and recitals with her school orchestra, as a singer, pianist and flautist and toured with the orchestra in France, which also performed in Disneyland Paris.

Eleni went straight from school to singing, composing and writing songs (words and music) for major BBC arts programmes, including for the 12-part BBC Two series, Francesco’s Mediterranean Voyage and the landmark BBC One David Dimbleby series Seven Ages of Britain, in which she worked alongside her brother, Adam and three other composers.

Eleni performed all the vocal cues for the Seven Ages of Britain series, including co-writing Anglo-Saxon lyrics for the end title music, which she also sang. Eleni recorded a number of cues with Latin and Indian words (Hindi), which she wrote, and recorded two Italian arias, composed by Adam, who also wrote the Italian words.

It was the Italian aria for the scene of David Dimbleby in Renaissance Florence that prompted several record companies to offer to release the soundtrack album.

Record company interest in Eleni & Adam inspired them to write the concept album, Rainstriker, based on Anglo-Saxon sagas, myths and legends; a subject that featured in episode 1 of the series.

Rainstriker is a unique and stylised concept album with ethnic elements and film music style arrangements.  Inspired by Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Norse and Greek myths and legends, the album taps into the fantasy genre given global profile by films such as, ‘The Lord of the Rings’, Thor, ‘Beowulf’, ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘The Avengers’, as well as the popular TV series, ‘Game of Thrones’. The fourteen track album, which has been co-written, co-produced and sung by Eleni Violaris, is due for general release in June 2015. Excerpts from the full album can be heard by clicking here.

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