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Eve MakisBritish Cypriot novelist Eve Makis has gained critical acclaim for her beautifully written stories which delve deep into the complexities of the Cypriot psyche.

Born in Nottingham to Greek Cypriot parents, who emigrated to England in the 1960s, Eve graduated from Leicester University with a degree in journalism and moved to London to work as a reporter for Middlesex County Press. In 1994 she left London for Cyprus, where she worked as a freelance writer, radio presenter and as a stringer for the London Evening Standard. She returned to England with her Cypriot husband and their two children in 2001.

Eve’s first novel Eat, Drink and Be Married was originally published in 2005 and follows the character of Anna, who lives in the family chip shop on a run-down Nottingham council estate.

The book became a best-seller, winning several awards and a legion of fans.

A second novel The Mother-in-Law swiftly followed which also gained worldwide recognition, and a third The Land of the Golden Apple firmly cemented Eve as one of Cyprus’ best loved authors.

A film adaptation of Land of the Golden Apple has been optioned by AMP Filmworks and is currently in pre-production. Eve’s feature length adaptation has been co-written with award-winning screenwriter Stavros Pamboullis. Earlier this year the script was accepted onto EAVE 2012, a series of intensive workshops taking place in Luxemburg, Croatia and The Netherlands. The film, due to be released in 2015, will be produced by Marios Piperides and directed by Petros Charalambous.

Eve’s next book The Spice Box Letters is due for release in March next year and has already been listed by influential book blogger Isabel Costello as one of her hot picks for 2015.

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eat-drink-and-be-married-by-Eve-Makis2Anna’s head reels with plans to escape life behind the counter of the family chip shop on a run-down Nottingham council estate. Her mother Tina wants nothing but the best for her daughter: a lavish wedding and a fully furnished four-bedroom house with a BMW parked in the driveway. She thinks Anna should forget the silly notion of going to college and focus on finding a suitable husband. Mother and daughter are at loggerheads and neither will give way.

Anna’s ally and mentor is her grandmother Yiayia Annoulla. She tells Anna stories about the family’s turbulent past in Cyprus, the island home they were forced to abandon. Yiayia practises kitchen magic, predicts the future from coffee grains and fills the house with an abundance of Greek-Cypriot delicacies.

Anna longs for the freedom enjoyed by her brother Andy but spends time appeasing her parents, dodging insults from drunken customers or going on ill-fated forays with her petulant cousin – the beautiful Athena. It is only when family fortunes begin to sour that Anna starts to take control of her own destiny…


the-mother-in-law-by-Eve-Makis3Electra and Adam are living proof that opposites attract.

Electra is warm, passionate and creative. She wants to have a baby.

Adam is calm, reasonable and very English. He doesn’t.

Enter the mother-in-law…

Cold, critical and snobbish, she disapproves of her son’s marriage.

And then she moves in with them.

Will their relationship survive?

A darkly funny, insightful and cautionary tale that will make you question where your loyalties lie.


land-of-the-golden-appleSpring has come to this Cypriot village, bringing with it an open invitation for Socrates to indulge in his favourite pastimes: setting off homemade fireworks, tormenting local pensioners, spying on his brother’s girlfriends, and defying his beleaguered mother. An uneasy truce is reached after an unfortunate incident with a box of matches, and a lazy peace is restored.

But behind the scenes in this seemingly idyllic backwater, an abused wife plots revenge on her husband, a scheming miser falls in love and a dangerous predator stalks the innocent. Spring brings a rude awakening to all of the villagers and Socrates in particular. The jasmine scented air carries with it real menace that will shake this close knit community to its very core…



The spice box is full of secrets.

Katerina inherits a scented spice box after her grandmother Mariam dies. It contains letters and a diary, written in Armenian. As she pieces together her family story, Katerina learns that Mariam’s childhood was shattered by the Armenian tragedy of 1915.

Exiled from her home in Turkey and separated from her beloved brother Gabriel, Mariam’s life was marred by grief and the loss of her first love.  Dissatisfied and restless, Katerina tries to find resolution in her own life as she completes Mariam’s story – on a journey that takes her across Cyprus and then half a world away to New York.

Miracles, it seems, can happen – for those trapped by the past, and for Katerina herself.



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