Five Reasons why Autumn in Greece is better than anywhere else!

On the GWC today we have a very special guest blog post by AutoRhodes – a car hire service in, you guessed it…Rhodes! Far from being an article about cars though, this post explains how beautiful Greece is in autumn. So if you’re looking for a last minute getaway before winter really kicks in, why not head to the land of the gods… 

5 reasons why Autumn in Greece is better than anywhere else

 By AutoRhodes – Rhodes car hire

They say ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’ – and when it comes to Autumn in Greece, there’s no point being humble. From jaw-dropping colours, to a perfect climate, to amazing harvests, Autumn here is really something to behold.

Here are five reasons why the most beautiful of the four seasons is better here than anywhere else on the planet.

1. It’s still warm…but not too warm

While the nights might be drawing in and temperatures reaching Antarctic levels elsewhere in Europe, in Greece temperatures still hit 20 degrees throughout Autumn. This is the perfect temperature – warm enough not to need a jacket during the day, but cool enough not to be sweating buckets after an hour outside.

Of course, the pleasant climate also means that in coastal areas like Rhodes, you can still swim in the sea well into the later stages of the year. There’s not many other countries where that would still be an option deep into October and beyond!

2. It’s the season to be jolly

Autumn is also the season of festivals and parades in Greece. The biggest of these is of course Ohi Day on 28 October, commemorating Greece’s refusal of Benito Mussolini’s ultimatum in the Second World War (‘Ohi’ is Greek for ‘no’ – Greece’s simple response to Mussolini’s threat). Each year the parade draws big crowds across Greece. Here in Rhodes, people of all ages gather at Mandraki Harbour to celebrate together.

Although most of the tourists have gone home at the end of summer, Greece comes to life again in Autumn with displays of national pride and celebrations of its rich history. There are also often music festivals in Autumn, and the capital, Athens, regularly hosts the French-themed festival ‘Petit Paris d’Athenes’ in October.

3. Beautiful harvests

In Autumn Greece’s countryside takes centre stage as harvest approaches. Greece’s warm climate makes it perfect for harvesting olives, and tourists now flock to help take in the olive harvest and experience what life is like in Greece’s rural areas.

Oil, the fruit of the olive harvest, is known as the ‘green blood’, and forms an important part of the Greek diet. Of course, Greek olive oil is world-renowned; historically seen as a sign of wealth and power, it still plays an important part in Greek life.

Autumn also introduces new fruits and flavours to be tried – walnuts, roasted chestnuts, pomegranates and more are all popular at this time of year.

4. Gorgeous colours

Yes, we know – Autumn is beautiful pretty much everywhere. But in terms of aesthetically-pleasing places, Greece already has a head start on pretty much every other country, and it maintains that lead in Fall.

From gorgeous sunsets to picturesque flora and fauna, Greece has it all  at this time of the year. The countryside transforms into a beautiful green-and-gold landscape with blossoming flowers and fruits, and as the days get shorter summer gives way to dramatic sunrises and sunsets.

5. It’s quieter and more relaxed

As one of the most popular tourist destinations – for good reason – Greece can be a bit hectic in the summer months, particularly if you’re trying to visit its world-famous archaeological sites or other attractions.

Autumn can make for a more relaxed holiday experience for visitors to Greece. As we’ve mentioned, the climate is slightly cooler, and you’re unlikely to have to queue as most tourists will have returned home at the end of summer. This is the perfect time to explore Greece at your own pace and experience the Greek way of life.

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