Greek Language App for Kids

We recently came across a fantastic new Greek vocab app for kids and just had to share it with all those mums and dads who are trying to teach their children why everything comes from the Greek language! The new Greek language apps come from a company called Gus on the Go!  Gus is headed to different countries all over the world and is inviting kids to explore new languages with him. Kids get to engage in interactive vocabulary lessons with lesson reviews and a chance to unlock exciting vocabulary games to reinforce what they’ve learned in a fun manner. Learning a new language has never been so easy and fun. Hoot Hoot! 


* 10 interactive vocabulary lessons with nearly 90 vocabulary words
* 10 vocabulary reviews after each lesson
* Exciting games, unlocked upon completed lesson reviews
* Fun animations and delightful animal noises and transportation sounds
* Easy to navigate country and city maps
* Trophy Room to track achievements

Vocabulary Categories
– Animals
– Food
– Clothes
– Transportation
– Parts of the Body
– Numbers
– Shapes
– Colors

The vocabulary app is focused on basic Greek vocabulary and the company have just completed the Greek version of their newest app called Stories by Gus on the Go. It teaches basic grammar through classic stories. This particular app is highly interactive and best of all, it’s free to download on iOS. For the vocabulary app, use these single-use promo codes for iOS! (Once used no longer valid!) 


To redeem, head to the App Store on your iOS device and in the “Featured” tab, scroll to the bottom and tap the “Redeem” button. Enter in the code and it should download the app for you.

Is it all Greek to you? See our list of private tutors, online courses and children’s Greek schools here!

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