Greek Weddings and Traditions

Smashing plates and big fat Greek weddings have always been the norm for founder of Greek Weddings and Traditions Sia Aristidou. Having been a bridesmaid more than a dozen times, a Koumbara twice and a stunning Greek bride, Sia is an expert in all things Greek and traditional.

She originally started the website wanting to share stories about her Greek culture and family traditions and this soon grew into a fully fledged business.

Not only does Sia now continue to write about Greek weddings and traditions, she has also set up the hugely successful Greek Wedding Shop where she sells beautiful handmade products for both weddings and christenings. These include bomboniere, lambades and stefana as well as many other products such as Easter candles, jewellery and gifts.

If you have just celebrated your own Greek wedding, you can share your story on the website and give inspiration and ideas to aspiring brides-to-be.

If you would like to learn more about Sia, you can visit her personal blog SiasPlace.


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