Hello from Cyprus! Family Holiday Vlog

Hello from Cyprus! Family Holiday Vlog

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I am very excited to be bringing you my first ever official ‘vlog’ over on my YouTube channel. For those of you who might be thinking, ‘What on earth is a VLOG?!’ basically vlogs are more like chatty videos filmed on say different days or at an event, as opposed to a more structured video about skincare products or parenting etc. I recently returned from my travels to Cyprus and I thought it might be nice to showcase some of the island in a family holiday vlog for you. 

I’ve written about my travels to the home of Aphrodite before but this video might be interesting for anyone looking for more visual content. The vlog includes a trip to the Olivolio Cosmetics Cyprus warehouse and an afternoon at the camel park in Mazotos.

I will be writing up a post on all the Olivolio products that I received and there will also be a vlog on my trip to the warehouse coming in a couple of weeks time. So keep your eyes peeled!

Just a warning, the video is quite long – the longest I’ve ever published on YouTube – but I had a lot of content and I thought that breaking up the videos into say three parts wouldn’t really be appropriate as summer is now over. A lot of vloggers and youtubers seem to be posting longer vlogs now and I for one (secretly!) quite enjoy watching them! So you’re in for a long one!

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