HELP! My Greek woman is driving me crazy!

HELP! My Greek woman is driving me crazy!

Dear Greek Oracle, 

My Greek wife is a wonderful woman and I am lucky to have her. But she is driving me insane. Literally.

She passed her driving test last month after failing 6 times. She was so happy when she passed that I let her take my car out for a test drive…and she promptly crashed it.

I have since refused to let her drive my car but I am reluctant to even buy her a cheap model as I worry for her safety. I would rather she didn’t drive at all unless it is an emergency.

Naturally she is very angry about this and last week she secretly stole my keys to take a sneaky afternoon drive to her sister (who lives within walking distance). When she came back the car had a dent in the side.

What can I do to keep her off the road?!

From Nicholas*

(*Names have been changed to protect identities)

* * *

Dear Nicholas,

Thank you for being the first man to write into me. Your problem is a tricky one. On the one hand you don’t want to upset your wife, but on the other she is putting herself and others at risk with her reckless driving.

Is there a need for her to have a car? If so perhaps you could hire a private driving instructor to give her some more lessons in order to ‘improve’ her road safety knowledge.

Greek women can be very feisty individuals so I would advise against getting angry with her. Instead, perhaps you could get a few relatives/friends on side to suggest that she doesn’t need to use the car and that walking is a far healthier, option (try not to insinuate that she needs to exercise more/lose weight!) or that a group of them might walk together.

I would also suggest that you keep your car keys on you at all times!

Good luck!

May the Gods be with you.

The Greek Oracle


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  1. 24th October 2014 / 9:00 am

    Once again the Greek oracle has dispensed wise advice. Poor Nicholas* 🙁

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