Holiday Essentials: The Summer Book List

Holiday Essentials: The Summer Book List

Tonight I am off on the start of my summer travels…(to my homeland, GREECE, not Cyprus this time…that’s next month). As everyone knows, packing for a holiday is a crucial and sometimes stressful part of the holiday process. For some it can take weeks of preparation. For others it is simply a case of throwing together a pair of flip flops, swimwear and some sunscreen.

For my mother, packing is extremely stressful. My father has to stage a Greek fashion show; my sister and I assume the roles of Trinny and Susannah while my brother usually sits smirking in the corner making notes. Unsure of what to bring, my father asks my mother for advice but then dismisses her options immediately. A few hours later, after trying on every piece of summer clothing he owns (including swimming trunks and goggles – all of which we have bought him), he accepts defeat and slinks off in search of a coffee and a cigarette.

Personally I find the task quite a pleasurable and therapeutic experience, neatly arranging my holiday life all into one (large) suitcase.

For some, holiday packing is not complete without the addition of a new bikini (or trunks) or a shiny new bat and ball set. For me, holiday essentials have to include a new set of books.

I refuse to pander to our techno-crazed society and buy a Kindle, so instead my bags are laden down with beautiful crisp new books, each with their own fresh new bookmark.

So this holiday I will be reading:

  • Falling in Honey: Life and Love on a Greek Island by Jennifer Barclay (just finished – I couldn’t put it down!) – a wonderful tale about life on the island of Tilos, complete with plenty of ouzo.
  • The Villa by Rosanna Ley – a story about three different women all searching for answers in Sicily.
  • The Illegal Gardener by Sara Alexi (halfway through – couldn’t resist) – a woman finds comfort in a tiny Greek village and forms a surprising friendship with an illegal worker.
  • In the Dolphin’s Wake by Harry Bucknall – cocktails, calamities and caiques on the Greek island – an account of Harry Bucknall’s journey through Greece.
  • And a few magazines for good measure.

The books will of course travel with me in my on-board holdall, not in my suitcase – it is important to keep all valuables with you at all times.

You may have noticed that these particular books all centre on a holiday theme. I’m not one for thrillers or depressing drama when I’m away in the sun. I want sun, sea and spanakopita!

For those of you off on your hols soon perhaps some of the above books will float your boat (excuse the pun) and hopefully next year you may be reading my book! Enjoy!


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