What I eat in a day… VIDEO!

What I eat in a day… VIDEO!

Yep it’s time for another semi-parody. I say ‘semi’ because I actually do eat everything in this video on a regular basis, just not all at once or everyday… I do (try to) eat my greens and I drink lots of water. I’ve seen many YouTubers recently jumping on the vegan bandwagon and posting a lot of ‘What I eat’ videos so I thought that I would bring you my own completely non-vegan, non-vegetarian, meat-filled version. 

I’m a firm believer in ‘everything in moderation’ and the Greek in me will never be able to say no to pork souvlaki. There are a few pretty harsh vloggers out there who I have seen damning meat-eaters to hell and spitting out arguments about animal slaughter and so on. Of course these are serious issues but the video I have made is obviously for comedy purposes. I really think that whatever people eat is completely up to them – good or bad. Unfortunately we cannot control everything that goes on in this world, sad as that may be.

I’ve previously been asked how I stay slim / whether I dieted after having my children / do I really eat / am I a vegetarian – along with some more bizarre questions so if you are really interested to know about my diet here are a few facts:

♦ I have never dieted.

♦ I rarely drink alcohol – this is not because I am against the odd tipple, I have just never really liked the stuff.

♦ I eat regularly throughout the day i.e I don’t starve myself then have a massive meal – I always eat breakfast, then have something a couple of hours later, then lunch, then something else and so on.

♦ I never eat late (only on holiday) – again this hasn’t been a conscious decision – growing up we always had our main meal straight after school (around 4pm) then if we were hungry later on in the evening we would have a toastie or some fruit etc. Since getting married, I have my lunch between 12-2pm and then eat dinner around 5pm (around 6pm when I was working). I’ve read a bit about how eating late can mess up your digestive system because it then just sits there and the body can’t process everything BUT obviously in this day and age people get home late from work so it’s not always easy to eat on time.

♦ I never binge eat at night – once I’ve had my dinner and dessert that’s pretty much me done for the night. I rarely get peckish in the evenings – probably because I’m just too tired these days – or I’m desperately trying to catch up with writing/chores!

Of course what and how much we eat and drink can affect our bodies both inside and out but I do believe that genes play a massive part in how our metabolism works and despite being annoyingly told on a few occasions that I clearly don’t eat or must diet, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Anyway it’s not a competition, as long as your eating habits are not grossly unhealthy and you lead an active lifestyle (and obviously you don’t have any medical issues that need to be treated with a certain diet) I don’t see why the majority of us can’t enjoy a balanced diet that includes the odd indulgence here and there. So this is what I’ve tried to show in this video. Yeesh I’ve rambled on here.

Really hope you all enjoy this video and if you like what you see, please do check out the rest of my YouTube Channel and SUBSCRIBE! 🙂




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  1. MM Jaye
    17th April 2017 / 12:14 pm

    Yup! Pretty much what I stuff myself with 🙂 Seriously, though, it’s unheard of here in Greece to have dinner at 6pm. 7.30 is the earliest, but usually it’s about 9pm. Hence the overweight problems! (Your babies are so cute!)

    • Ekaterina
      17th April 2017 / 7:24 pm

      Haha thanks Maria! Xo

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