Inside a Greek woman’s handbag…

Inside a Greek woman’s handbag…

The Handbag.

An essential product for women everywhere. And especially for a Greek woman.

A Greek woman must be ready for every eventuality. Little Nikos might hit his head and need medical attention. Papou might need gas and air after a brisk walk. And no doubt someone will be hungry at some point.

Πού είναι η τσάντα μου;” / ” Poú eínai i̱ tsánta mou?” – “Where is my handbag?” and “Δώσε μου την τσάντα μου” / “Dó̱se mou ti̱n tsánta mou”“Give me my handbag” are two phrases that are well versed by Greek women.

So what IS inside a Greek woman’s handbag?

  • Make up – in case a relative/neighbour pounces and invites you in for coffee and you need to freshen up
  • Women’s products – no need for explanation
  • Tissues/hand sanitiser/wipes – a must for any handbag
  • Purse – stashed with old drachma and family photographs
  • Diary – to keep a schedule of every Greek event / birthday / name day / feast day
  • Holy water – to sprinkle on anyone or anything that may be affected by the evil eye
  • First aid kit including aspirin etc – for emergencies such as when Thea Maria chips a nail
  • Whisk-o-lait – in case someone would like their frappe frothed
  • Greek coffee – because no coffee tastes as good as a Greek coffee
  • Toothpicks – dental hygiene is very important
  • Sewing kit – for all those loose buttons
  • Tweezers – for that annoyingly thick, stray eyebrow hair
  • Lighter/matches – in case Uncle Spiro needs his cigarette lit OR wants to build a fire to heat the Greek coffee
  • Mints/Sweets – for fresh breath and a sweet tooth
  • A light snack – i.e. a large chunk of moussaka kept in a microwavable container

My mother’s grandmother used to carry a brick around in her bag in case anyone needed “a good clout”, and my Yiayia carries around a large photo album, in case her neighbours need to visualise a member of the family they are gossiping about.

I too am guilty of carrying non-essential essentials, but I will say that if I need to get everything into a smaller bag, I CAN.

So what’s inside your bag???


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  1. 9th December 2013 / 6:19 pm

    I hope you are kiddin with holy water. Or not? 🙂

    • EBotziou
      9th December 2013 / 6:45 pm

      It’s essential!

  2. 9th December 2013 / 1:07 pm

    What’s inside my handbag? All of the above, minus the diary, Greek coffee and snack (cos I eat enough as it is… ); PLUS, three sets of glasses (I am blind otherwise; and the sun is bright in Australia), mobile phone (who can live without one these days?!), perfume (I LOVE perfume!), an umbrella (small, in the rainy season of the tropics and bright hot sun, this is a ‘must have item’, pen and paper.. always…, a small foldup shopping bag (because that is a woman’s ‘kitchen sink’ she carries around – ‘just in case’)…. yeah. No getting around needing to have a veritable treasure trove of goodies for all those ‘maybe’ situations! Love this post… I’m sure that there are many women who would be able to relate! Cheers, JCD.

    • EBotziou
      9th December 2013 / 1:11 pm

      Haha thank you Jaya! Yes I too carry an umbrella (even in sunny weather), contact lenses (I am blind too without them!), mobile phone, perfume etc. I also carry the tiniest sewing kit known to man. And a toothbrush. They have all come in handy!

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