Introducing the Sweet Life with Glykia Zoi

The ladies of The Greek Wives Club have a terrible sweet tooth. But none has a sweeter tooth than Michelle from the delicious food blog Glykia Zoi ~ Sweet Life.

Translated as ‘Sweet life’, the term ‘Glykia Zoi’ encompasses all the things Michelle wants her blog to provide, from mouth-watering recipes to information on where to find superior Greek products and much more. Originally known on facebook as The Greek of Many Trades, Michelle recently launched a blog under a new name with a fierce new ambition to provide her readers with the sweeter things in life.   

The granddaughter of a Greek immigrant, self-taught chef Michelle was born in Colorado and grew up within a very large Greek family.  Years spent visiting her  Yiayia, Papou, Theos and Thias, feeding their baby lambs and eating yummy homemade tortillas with honey and butter, left Michelle with sweet memories and an even sweeter passion for flavour.

Michelle Maneotis

“Yia yia was always cooking delicious lamb chops in a bubbling bath of scalding hot butter.  I have wonderful memories of sitting around a large table with all of my Greek family enjoying my Yia Yia’s food.  We were always cooking up a monstrous batch of spanakopita.  Other foods I loved growing up were, Lahanodolmathes, Avgolemono, Fasolakia Giaxni, Dolmades and more.”

Constantly plagued by ideas for new recipes, Michelle firmly believes that food brings people together and wants to spread the word that cooking fresh and wholesome food can be fun and enjoyable and not just a stereotypical Greek female chore!

vasilopita glykia zoi

Her growing blog will feature recipes from many ethnicities, including Greek, Indian, Italian, Thai and Mexican food, but at the heart of it all is a true love for the Greek diet and all the wonderful flavours and health benefits that it promotes. Michelle also loves sushi and vegan food and will be featuring recipes for those as well.

Michelle confesses that her aim in life is simply to feed everyone and spread her passion for mouth-watering flavours. “I’m always wanting to feed everyone in sight.  If anyone comes to my house, they can expect to be fed.  If they decline, what do you mean you don’t eat?? If you’re in my house, you eat!  I love to cook all ethnicities of food, but of course, Greek is my heart & soul.  I can’t wait to pass on the Greek traditions I grew up with. The kitchen is my true home.” 

Gyro Glykia Zoi

As well as growing her blog, Michelle teaches cooking lessons, is a website and logo designer, does social media management, professional organising, floral design, executive and personal level assistance & much more.

You can follow Michelle on:

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If you have a passion for food, then turn to Glykia Zoi ~ Sweet Life to find the sweeter things in life.
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  1. 7th February 2016 / 3:32 pm

    congrats! to Michelle for a beautifully played out blog with delicious treats.

      • 8th February 2016 / 11:54 pm

        Thank you so much Effie, your compliment is so appreciated and means so much, I can’t thank you enough. Don’t worry about spelling errors, we all make them all the thyme. I mean time. 🙂 Hahaha!

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