January Favourites

January Favourites

So yet another NEW ‘thing’ for 2017 – lots of bloggers do a monthly favourites list whether that be beauty, food, books, etc and as I really enjoy reading these type of posts I thought that I would jump on the bandwagon and bring you my own favourites each month. (Crrringe!)

So without further ado here’s what’s been making me smash plates with excitement this January. (What a terrible use of grammar in that sentence!)


Beautiful Bath Products

First up is a company called Vital Touch run by husband and wife team Katie and Martin Whitehouse. They specialise in oils and lush bath products specifically for pregnant woman and babies and their Natalia range of organic skincare is just divine. I received the Mum’s Gorgeous Pampering Box from a wonderful friend after the birth of my second monkey, which includes Mummy’s Yummy Bath Scrub (60ml), Time For Mum Bath Soak (100ml), Mum’s Miracle Balm (30ml), and an Organic Ultra soft Cotton Flannel. I’m a sucker for natural bath oils anyway but these products were just as ‘gorgeous’ as the box stated. Throughout my pregnancy I used a Greek beeswax product to keep stretch marks at bay and keep my skin really hydrated. I struggled to find a product with a similar texture but that had a more pleasant scent…until the Miracle Balm came into my life. You can use it ANYWHERE on your body – your face, your hair, your gluteus maximus etc. I actually use it a lot on my lips as it is sooo smooth and hydrating. I also love the scrub and the soak. In fact I loved all the products in the box so much that not only have I bought some of them again myself, I’ve also bought the gift boxes for my expectant friends. My ONLY niggle is that you can’t buy the products in larger sizes. If you like a lot of bubbles in your bath, the bath soak won’t last you very long at all and I’m already on my third miracle balm since November last year!


My New Scent

Modern Muse Estee Lauder

After receiving the Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss Eau de Parfum in sample size following my purchase of (quite a few) Estée Lauder skincare products, I instantly fell in love with the gorgeous woody, sensual scent and demanded my Greek man buy me the larger bottle for Christmas. I don’t really have a signature scent as I like to switch smells depending on the season but my favourites include all the Chanel range, Jean Paul Gaultier and Prada. I have always preferred a more mature scent and used to borrow my mum’s Opium (!) but Estée Lauder is just ticking all of my beauty boxes right now and I don’t want to wear anything else!




Since having my second sprog, the dark under eye circles have returned with a vengeance. I don’t really wear foundation or primers so coverage tends to be focused on my eyes. After watching a few beauty bloggers on YouTube I decided to try a couple of products from the BECCA range including the Under Eye Brightening Corrector and I absolutely love it. It neutralises the blue tones of black circles and has a sort of shimmery effect so that the whole eye area seems brighter. I use it underneath other eye concealers and it works a treat.


January Jewels

BlueMati jewellery

Some of you may have seen some VERY close up shots of my earlobes on my Instagram recently where I’ve been showing off some gorgeous pieces from Melbourne based online boutique store BlueMATI. As most of you know I am a HUGE fan of the ‘evil eye’/mati’ and this company has just become my new best friend. There will be a more detailed post about the store and the pieces I bought coming on Friday 10th February as inspiration for Valentine’s Day and they will also be featured in a Greek jewellery haul vlog I will be filming later on in the summer. Stay tuned…



Not on the high street

I’ve recently revamped my children’s room and bought some lovely bits n’ bobs from Not on the High Street. The company can be a bit on the expensive side but their sales are always fantastic so I purchased a few fun (and completely unnecessary) decorative pieces including this beautiful light-up letter and a Sparkle LED Jam Jar Light which just makes the room look so magical. I also bought some personalised jewellery and gifts for next Christmas (organisation is key!) but we could be here all day…


YouTube / Instagram

Get to know me - Ekaterina Botziou Q & A

I’m actually really starting to enjoy using these two social media platforms and spend many a baby feeding hour procrastinating on both sites. I absolutely hate twitter and despite previously not being too bothered about Instagram (please follow me!), I’ve found myself succumbing to it’s visual pleasures. However this might turn out to be a bad thing as the pressure to take the right shot (preferably on a marble/white background), edit it to a ridiculously professional and unrealistic photographic standard and get in as many hashtags as possible is driving me slightly barmy. Whereas a few years ago I would spend my evenings reading or dear god TALKING to my husband (!!!), I now spend my spare time obsessing over whether my feed is as interesting and picture perfect as these other bloggers, vloggers, youtubers and whatever else we call them these days! It’s not but that’s ok. I have a life. Over on my YouTube Channel.




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