Welcome to The Greek Wives Club! In this little corner of the internet, we aim to educate, empower and inspire women teetering on the edge of Mount Olympus by providing information on Greek marriage, traditions, and so much more. We are a platform to talk, share and learn about the Greek culture and most especially to connect and empower women, Greek or not.

Whether you are looking for a Greek summer read, recipes, or simply want to expand your Hellenic horizons, we can help direct you to the right place!



The club originally started on Facebook in 2012 as a place for all the wives, partners and girlfriends of Greek men (and any other interested folk) to come together and share their comical tales, frustrations, recipes and general philosophy about life with a Greek man.

Cultural understanding is a very important topic in today’s modern society and our club has addressed issues such as living with cultural differences, family support and comical themes about life as well as advocating all things Greek.

The club has since gained recognition from a large community of women (and the odd gent!) with links to the Hellenic world, whether that be through direct Greek heritage, marriage, business, or travel links and thus we act as a portal of information for anyone interested. 



The GWC supports and promotes those with links to the Hellenic world in particular female-driven businesses, entrepreneurs, authors, and more.

Affiliates include Greek wedding, christening and other events companies, mentoring associations, authors who are either Greek or write about related subjects, Greek food bloggers and many more.


Please let us know if you would like us to share your book, recipe or project with our followers – we are happy to help spread any information that might inspire, uplift or get tongues wagging! We usually share posts on our Facebook page or Instagram page so why not head there and hit LIKE! 😉

You don’t have to be a Greek wife to join in but you do need to have a sense of humour!

It goes without saying, that the man may be the head, but the woman is the neck, and she can turn the head any way she wants. OPA!