Makeover your Make-up Box!

Makeover your Make-up Box!

Spring clean your make-up box as well as your wardrobe this March! How long has that lipstick been lurking in the drawer for? Is your powder brush caked in last year’s foundation? Yuck!

According to studies, 68 % of women say they replace make-up or skin products only when they run out, no matter how long that takes. Old mascara wands can breed bacteria that lead to conjunctivitis, which causes redness, itching and swelling. Expired lipsticks, meanwhile, can make lips dry, irritated and blistered. And dirty brushes are a breeding ground for micro-organisms that can cause herpes, ringworm and impetigo, an infectious disease that results in blisters.

What are we doing to ourselves?!

Often we end up buying lots more make-up and not even using it so not only are we potentially damaging our health by continuing to use old products but we are also damaging our bank balances!

You really don’t need 100 different lipsticks and eyeshadows- a good palette with an assortment of colours that suit your skin tone and can take you from the work place to the cocktail bar (and back again) is all you need in your bag.

So here are my tips to making over your make-up!


Your stale make up bag could be a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause minor to serious skin and eye infections. Although many forms of makeup contain preservatives that work to slow bacteria growth, it is still possible to experience a bacterial infection from old makeup. If last years lippie is looking discoloured or your foundation is starting to smell a bit funky, you should discard it. Products now helpfully list how long they should be used for once opened so there are no excuses for clinging onto the past!

You should also make sure that you CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES! Brushes should be cleaned at least once a month if not weekly. You don’t need to use a special product – using a mild shampoo or hand soap will do as long as you rinse the brushes thoroughly.

Side note: if you have any unwanted make-up that may have been given as a present and never used, why not sell it on eBay, give to a friend or give to charity?


If you have a lot of make-up why not invest in a professional vanity case with different sections or a special stand so that you can organise your lipsticks, eyeshadows, base and pencils into separate compartments. I have a make-up drawer in my desk where I keep my day-to-day products all neatly laid out using an interlocking drawer organiser and keep all my other products in the vanity case.


In order to avoid hoarding an entire selection of products that you never use, try to wear something different every day. I have three go-to lipsticks in the winter that I rotate on a daily basis and then my extra special va va voom colours for occasions and events. I don’t tend to wear eyeshadow unless I’m going out but if you love your colour palettes why not try something new each day either to match your outfit, or your mood or the weather! Using all your make up on a regular basis will help you keep track of what you’ve got and what is no longer in date and this in turn should stop you spending unnecessarily!

So where do you keep your make up? Are you an organised beauty queen or a mad hoarder?  Share your tips below!


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