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543952_10201449430974093_2049095499_nBy the age of four, bilingual Greek native Maria Messini had taught herself how to read all the nursery rhymes she could get her hands on. Her twenties were all about modern classics, then came a love affair with thrillers. It wasn’t until a chance meeting with Rhonda Nelson’s The Specialist, that Maria discovered romance, and she has been an unapologetic romance reader ever since. 

After a difficult period in her life, Maria turned to writing and despite it taking her four years to pluck up the courage to write a book from scratch, these days there is no stopping her.

In 2013 she set up her popular blog MM Jaye Writes where she shares her experiences of self-publishing and hosts other writers willing to share theirs. In November 2014, she published her first novel, a contemporary romance entitled Fate Accompli, the first in her Aegean Lovers series. Maria is currently penning Fate Captureda prequel novella in her Aegean Lovers series, set in the beautiful island of Alonissos where her husband proposed.   

Penning under MM Jaye, Maria also teaches translation and translates on the side. She lives in Athens with her husband, daughter and Kindle.

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FATE ACCOMPLI (available in two versions, clean and spicy)

51JgqVf1RjL._UY250_Monica Mitchell flies all the way from Boston to Athens, Greece, not to get a tan but a very specific job. Because besides an MBA, this twenty-four-year old has a mission: to prove to Alex Argiros, the gorgeous Greek magnate, that she has now grown out of the habit of flashing her underwear and looking like a zombie flick castoff … in the presence of hundreds.The catch? She has to hide who she is. Thankfully, not having seen him since her early teens helps, and soon she gets all she wants and so much more. Not only does Alex not connect his highly qualified new assistant to the disaster magnate of his distant past, but apart from his admiration, he also offers her his heart.Now, Monica has a new mission: to keep it forever. But first she has to come clean before he finds out her connection to the bane of his existence. Because if he does, he’ll rightfully assume she plays the part of the Trojan Horse, and then he’ll shed the sleek businessman exterior, letting his hot-blooded Greek nature take over.She knows he could destroy her.

She knows, yet she needs just a little longer to savor his searing kisses…


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