Mixing fact and fiction in the Wimbledon Guardian

Mixing fact and fiction in the Wimbledon Guardian

Huge thanks to the Wimbledon Guardian this week for featuring my new book. You can read the original post here. Coincidentally my husband’s family and the family restaurant also featured in the paper this week. Looks like the Greeks are invading!

Wimbledon author Ekaterina Botziou mixes fact and fiction in retelling of ancient myths

“In the beginning there was only chaos; Greek chaos.” So begins the collection of well-known myths and legends parodied in a new book released by Wimbledon author Ekaterina Botziou.

Featuring the well-known characters Hercules, Theseus and the Cretan Minotaur, the 27-year-old writer reinvents timeless stories with a sprinkling of diamond-encrusted Mercedes, a dash of bling and plenty of good humour.

Born in England to a proud Greek father and ballerina mother of mixed heritage, Ekaterina was taught from a young age to be proud of her Mediterranean heritage.

After marrying a Greek Cypriot herself she started the popular Facebook group, The Greek Wives Club and ruminates about her confused ancestry on her blog, Ekaterina Botziou: It’s all Greek to Me!

The law graduate, who juggles writing with a full-time job in Mayfair’s finance sector, said: “The idea for my second book came about when I was still writing my first.

“As a child I devoured all the Greek mythological stories and was fascinated by the historical aspect to many of the legends.

“My grandmother in particular had a deep interest in the mythicism of ancient Greece and I think many people find the combination of history and fictional narrative highly appealing.”

The release of Theseus & the Mother-in-Law and other Myths & Legends follows the release of her acclaimed debut novel, Greek Expectations: The Last Moussaka Standing.

The book is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.


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    Great news about your new book Ekaterina…

  2. 13th October 2014 / 3:21 pm

    Have just bought the book and will try to make time for reading later this month.

    • EBotziou
      13th October 2014 / 3:22 pm

      Great! Hope you enjoy!

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