Mosquito Repellents and Travel First Aid for Kids VIDEO!

Mosquito Repellents for Kids

Hello from Cyprus! Today I am bringing you a spur of the moment video all about mosquito repellents and travel first aid for kids!

As a child I was plagued by mosquitos and always had at least 20 bites on the go at any one time. Thankfully my blood seems to be less tasty these days but I am always fearful that my children will get bitten. So whilst I’m out here, I filmed a quick video about all the products I use to keep the mozzies away from my babies. And at the same time I thought I would throw in the first aid products I bring with me when we travel.

The sun was pretty much right in my eyes when filming so apologies for the constant frowning and also for the annoying way my top is a bit askew…


Baby Aid – Baby Aid Compact – Travel First Aid Kit for kids, toddlers, and babies

The Gruffalo Pencil Tin

HealthAid Arnica Cream 75ml

HealthAid Calendula Cream 75ml
Vie Spray-On Anti Mosquito 100ml, Deet Free, Suitable For Children And Babies

24 x Vie Anti Mosquito Wipes, Deet Free, Suitable For Children And Babies

Vie Healthcare 20 ml Roll-On After Bite

After Bite – Insect Bite Remedy – 14ml

MOSQUITAN Mosquito Patches Deet Free Perfect for Kids – Pack of 24

Calmiderm Patches – can’t find anywhere!

Jungle Formula Outdoor and Camping Pump Insect Repellent, 90ml


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