Mother’s Day Special: What I’ve learnt since becoming a Mum

Mother’s Day Special: What I’ve learnt since becoming a Mum

My life before children (hence forth known as ‘BC’) is a bit of a blur really. It’s a mish mash of school, exams, Greek hols, uni, exams, more Greek hols and one big fat Greek wedding. Life is still a bit of a blur (no it’s not due to the ouzo), but now it’s filled with more colour (probably my son’s paint in my eye), laughter (because there’s no point in crying) and craziness than ever before. So I am celebrating the craziness for this Mother’s Day Special! 

I have definitely changed since becoming a mum though I can’t necessarily pinpoint exactly how and why. I feel older (sometimes a LOT older) and just a tad wiser (apart from when I put my son’s shoes on the wrong foot due to extreme fatigue). And I have definitely learnt more about life and the ‘meaning’ of life (how cheesy) these past few years than I ever did in my theology classes back in my law days.

So to celebrate this coming Mother’s Day I thought that I would compile a list of things I’ve learnt (or ‘learned’, I prefer ‘learnt’ like I prefer ‘burnt’ to ‘burned’ – just to clear that up) since becoming a mother to my two boys. So here we go:

A mother’s love knows no bounds…

I really don’t think I knew the true meaning of REAL UNCONDITIONAL LOVE until it hit me in the face (along with his pee) when my first son was born. To be absolutely honest I hadn’t felt much love towards my bump as it grew and grew and made me more sick and uncomfortable and despite knowing that of course I would love my child, I wasn’t sure WHAT I would feel after giving birth. But in fact, I felt so much love for my son that for a time I wasn’t sure I could love anyone else!

I’m sure there are other mothers who like me, also questioned whether they would feel the same love for their second child as they did for their first. Well I needn’t have worried.

As cliched and as cheesy and gushy as it may sound, my children are absolutely EVERYTHING to me. There is nothing they could ever do that would make me stop loving them. Unless they took my last creme egg. That could really change things.

Everyone’s a critic…

Before having children, I don’t remember feeling overly judged by people or having opinions thrown my way that weren’t asked for. Perhaps I’m more sensitive now, but since becoming a mum I’ve found that soooo many people seem to like giving me advice or telling me what exactly it is that I’m doing wrong when it comes to my children. Even the postman once said to me – when baby was moaning a bit – “Oh perhaps he’s hungry!” – YEESH!

Everything from whether I’m breastfeeding, to whether my children sleep through the night, to what I give them to eat is commented on by someone at some point. And all the more infuriating, it’s usually from people who HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE!!! Perhaps it’s the world we live in now – where regiment and routine are deemed to be the best way forward and co-sleeping, co-eating and co-anything will apparently only make your child weak and clingy. I’ve heard it all.

But I don’t give a baboon’s behind. My children. My way.

I am NOT superwoman… 

Being a mother doesn’t make you better than anyone else. It may make you a better person within yourself, but we are all human at the end of the day and despite feeling now that I can multitask to the EXTREME, there are times when I need help. Sadly I have come across some mums who have made it quite clear that as they work, cook, clean AND have kids, they are in the superhuman category. Whilst I admire them for juggling everything so well, like the rest of us they are not invincible. We just have to do the best we can.

EVERY second counts…

Pre-children I was an on time, every-time, no excuses kinda girl. Now there is literally NO time. Previously, if I had to get in some extra chores or work, I would simply get up earlier or stay up later to make sure everything got done. It doesn’t matter how early I try to get up now – one of the kids WILL ALWAYS wake up – it’s like they have a special sensor that detects my movements. As for going to bed late…well I do need SOME sleep! So important stuff can only be done during the 1-2 hour window where they just might nap at the same time. Literally every second counts.

I am still a child…

Mums always seem so grown up. My mum had me at 22 so I can distinctly remember her 30th birthday and thinking how old that was! But in fact, now I see she was sooooo young and yet she and all her mummy friends seemed like they ran the world. So, despite having children of my own I still feel like a child particularly when I visit my parents and even more so when I see my grandparents! And that’s definitely not a bad thing.

Sleep is so overrated…

I have always been a morning person and a light sleeper so in the beginning I wasn’t too shocked by my newborn’s constant waking. In fact my eldest was at his worst during the night much later whilst I was pregnant with my second and working full time which was TEN TIMES HARDER than his newborn days. And now with two I just don’t sleep. One eye is always open. But that’s ok, somehow I’ve learnt to function without sleep. But when the day/night eventually comes when my children will let me have even six hours rest and perhaps even a lie in, I know that it will be better than winning the lottery. Zzzzzz.

The playground bully days are not over…

I have met many wonderful mothers and nannies since becoming a mum and most of them are very supportive of each other. However, I have also seen that motherhood brings a whole new level of bitchiness and competitiveness to the table. In playgroups I’ve seen mothers physically take toys off of other children to give to their own kids (we’re talking VERY young children here who are just learning about sharing) and I even had one mother YELL at my son when he went to hug her child and they both fell over (when he was 18 months old but the mother thought he was older). At the time I actually told my son off and apologised to the mother trying to explain that he had just started trying to interact with other children – which she didn’t take kindly to and said her son liked to be alone! I totally get that you want to protect your child and no-one likes to see their little un’ be whacked or pushed (even accidentally) BUT these things do happen and especially when they all get excited and are learning about each other. Yet I fear that unfortunately there are many more years of this to come and in all honesty I am absolutely dreading it.

Danger lurks behind EVERY corner…

As neurotic as this makes me sound, literally EVERYTHING is a health and safety hazard nowadays. My eldest is frighteningly fearless and thinks nothing of throwing himself from one chair to the next, leaping over the table and sliding down the stairs at breakneck speed. You’ve got to have eyes in the back of your head, arms that extend and the reflexes of a Siberian tiger. But other than keeping them in a strait jacket there is not a lot you can do.

Happiness is key so go with the flow…

Hearing my children laugh is the best sound in the world. Other than the call of the ice-cream van. Their health and happiness is the most important thing to me now and I worry constantly about how I can protect them from life’s hardships. But life is for living, not worrying. All I can do is try my best just like all mums do. And if my best isn’t good enough then I will have to just go with the flow.

So HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the mums out there! You are doing a brilliant job and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

And Happy Mother’s Day to my mum Suzi B! It’s her fault I turned out this way…:)


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  1. MyCityMyLondon
    24th March 2017 / 11:30 am

    Amazing! yes mums are so competitive hehe. Ignore them I remember getting into an argument with one lady at a morning play session because my little one pushed her child over. Well he was 2, hes a baby, it happens. My son has been hit and pushed many times and dont attack the parents.

    we are fabulous and us mums rock:)

    • Ekaterina
      24th March 2017 / 12:37 pm

      Right on!! Thank you for your lovely comment I’ve just subscribed to your amazing blog looking forward to catching up on your posts! X

  2. 24th March 2017 / 9:23 am

    Beautiful post my friend! You’re amazing!!

    • Ekaterina
      24th March 2017 / 9:25 am

      Thank you darling

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