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10270436_10152386855921276_1961660962806133517_nTravel blogger, writer and Rough Guide author Rebecca Hall (Bex) started her blog back in 2010 after living in Greece for two years where she taught English.

Having fallen in love with the culture, language, sights and smells of the Hellenic world, Bex wanted to share her experiences and writes about the cultural differences she has observed, the beautiful places she has visited and the people who have let her into their homes and hearts.

Bex has travelled extensively all around Greece and now resides in Athens. Her blog also follows her globe-trotting travels to other destinations from trips across Canada by rail, to the polar bear capital of the world, across the U.S.A in a Green Tortoise bus and even from Europe to Hong Kong on a container ship.

She was the winner of the Best Expat Blog Award for Greece 2012 & 2013 and co-authored the 2015 edition of the Rough Guide to Greece.

In June 2015 Bex published her first novel Girl Gone Greek, a story about an Englishwoman’s experiences in rural Greece early in the millennium. Set against the breathtaking background of the Greek countryside and Athens, Rachel meets a colourful cast of eccentric characters, plants her feet deeply into the local soil and ultimately finds her true love – Greece. The book is available in paperback and on kindle from Amazon worldwide.

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Rachel is finding it increasingly difficult to ignore her sister’s derision, society’s silent wagging finger and her father’s advancing years. She’s travelled the world, but now finds herself at a crossroads at an age where most people would stop globetrotting and settle. She’s never been one to conform to the nine-to-five lifestyle, so why should she start now? Was it wrong to love the freedom and independence a single life provided, to put off the search for Mr Right and the children? Perhaps she could find the time for one last adventure…
So with sunshine in mind, Rachel takes a TEFL course and heads to Greece after securing a job teaching English in a remote village. She wasn’t looking for love, but she found it in the lifestyle and history of the country, its culture and the enduring volatility of its people. Girl Gone Greek is a contemporary women’s fiction novel. When Rachel moved to Greece to escape a life of social conformity, she found a country of unconventional characters and economic turmoil. The last thing she expected was to fall in love with the chaos that reigned about her.


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