Skinade Review

Skinade Review

In our increasingly self-conscious society, not a day goes by where we aren’t faced with some sort of age-defying miracle product or latest life-enhancing health food fad. Once we get past a certain age, many of us begin to long for the elixir of youth. So is prevention rather than cure really the answer?  A recent visit to an aesthetician left me thinking that yes it is.

Quick fixes to skin that has been ravaged by the sun, diet, age or just unlucky genes (!) aren’t usually that successful (unless you opt for drastic plastic surgery!). My skin is generally good, but I’ve noticed that some days it can look a bit dull. Alarmingly, we lose 1% of the collagen in our skin each year after the age of 20. This loss results in skin ageing, including wrinkles, fine lines, dry, blemished and thinning skin (such joy!). A good diet can help but for those of us who are constantly on the go, getting all the right vitamins and nutrients can be difficult.

After mentioning this to the aesthetician she recommended I try Skinade. Skinade is basically a liquid supplement that contains various vitamins designed to promote healthy skin, hair and nails – like a collagen drink. Unfortunately it is quite pricey – a 30 day course (so 30 bottles) will set you back £99. I decided to write to the company who very kindly sent me a 30 day pack for free. WHEY!

So what did I think?

I received the 30 Day Holiday Edition package which comes with 10 x 15ml sachets (suitable for travelling) and 20 x 150ml bottles.


The idea is to drink the solution every morning, before or after breakfast – easy enough. Or so I thought. The natural peach and mangosteen flavour was quite strong to begin with and the smell did put me off. But after a couple of days I was able to down the liquid in one go and there was no discernible aftertaste. Personally I am not a fan of Berocca and other flavoured vitamin drinks so perhaps others might find the taste almost pleasant.

So what does it actually do / What are the benefits?

Drinking Skinade on a daily basis is said to promote…

Healthier looking skin

More even toned skin

Younger looking skin

Increased skin hydration

Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

More radiant skin

What's in Skinade

The drink apparently works from the inside out. Its six active ingredients work synergistically to promote optimal skin function. Skinade delivers essential micronutrients in liquid form and helps to re-build the collagen matrix in your skin. It combats the signs of ageing by reducing oxidative stress, preventing cross linking of collagen fibres, increasing moisture and hydration, increasing natural hyaluronic acid production within the dermal layer of the skin.

As a result Skinade restores your skin’s youthful appearance, improves tone, texture, hydration, smooths furrow lines and improves skin suppleness. As a liquid supplement, its innovative formulation is highly bio-available, meaning that the body can absorb and make use of a higher proportion of the active nutrients. Skinade active ingredients are 100% in solution allowing for an absorption rate of 95%.

What’s wrong with just taking tablet supplements?

According to the website, to consume the same level of essential nutrients and collagen peptides you would have to take at least 20 large tablets. Collagen tablets are more difficult to ingest and assimilate into the body and are only partially absorbed.

The collagen and essential ingredients in skinade are in liquid formulation and 90% to 95% are absorbed by the body, while tablets offer an absorption rate of only 30% to 40%.

The liquid formula in skinade offers a huge advantage in terms of absorption rates. skinade functions isotonically ensuring that our collagen peptides and essential micro-nutrients achieve an absorption rate of 90-95% – A level that can never be matched by tablets, or powders suspended in solution.

The Results

As I said before, my skin is generally good so after a 30 day course I couldn’t really see any visible signs of improvements. But I felt better knowing that I had downed some good vitamins that I may not have got otherwise. Placebo effect possibly? I suspect the 60 day course would generate better results and I did read some reviews that stated that a proper skin analysis revealed greater levels of hydration.

So is it worth it?

For those of us who are not made of money, spending £3.30 a day on one drink (when you could get a whole meal deal for £3.00) is pretty steep. But then again I’m sure I’ve spent the equivalent on general skincare. I would most definitely try it over a longer period as many people do believe it is a highly effective skincare solution and you can’t go wrong with vitamins.

If you are saving the pennies then perhaps Skinade isn’t for you. But if you are looking to up your vitamin-intake and want to invest in your skin then this simple orange drink packed with vitamins could definitely be the answer.

Have you tried Skinade?

 Disclaimer: This post contains samples that were sent to me for review. 


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