Smashing more than plates with WWE

Smashing more than plates with WWE

The months running up to Christmas can be a hectic time so what better way to relax and escape from the manic day-to-day shenanigans than to go and see a wrestling match! Instead of my usual ballet/musical theatre trip, this week I nabbed tickets for my Greek man and I to see the WWE UK tour at the Brighton Centre.

Now you might be thinking, “What’s a nice girl like her watching leather-clad men (and women) beating each other up for?” (That doesn’t sound dodgy at all…)

Well the World Wrestling Entertainment industry does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s entertainment. The fake fights are set up purely for entertainment purposes, accompanied by music and comedy sketches and no-one really gets whacked in the face (or anywhere else).

In fact, watching the stunts in real life as opposed to on TV, gave the whole show a very panto-like quality, particularly as a lot of the wrestlers spent more time churning up the crowd or lying in the ring in an apparent state of unconsciousness rather than getting on with any fighting. When the performers did come to blows, there was so much space between them it was like watching an extreme episode of Batman and Robin (with Adam West and Burt Ward).

I have plenty of childhood memories of the likes of Hulk Hogan strutting his stuff in the ring, but it wasn’t until I started watching American reality show Total Divas that my interest in the wrestling world grew. Total Divas gives viewers an inside look of the lives of WWE Divas from their work within WWE to their personal lives and includes household names such as The Bella Twins, AJ Lee, Natalya, as well as the WWE superstars John Cena, Daniel Bryon, Seth Rollin and more.

The UK tour included many of the big WWE names and we got to see some of the Diva’s battle it out in the ring. The Bella Twins are currently involved in some sort of sisterly feud so while Brie Bella remains a ‘hero’, Nikki Bella has been transformed into one of the ‘villains’.

This Hero v Villain theme is prevalent in all WWE matches and I will admit that at times I wanted the villain to win. A six-team tag match between heroes Los Matadores and villains The Miz & Damien Mizdow was highly entertaining but the street fight between long-time face of WWE John Cena and villain Seth Rollins proved to be the highlight of the night. While I am a big fan of John Cena, I definitely enjoyed Seth Rollin’s maniacal, energetic performance much more!

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The wrestlers themselves are admirable athletes, dedicated to their chosen sport. Personally, I’m not a fan of body-building and extreme workouts, but the fitness levels of all those involved in the event was quite something!

The UK November tour ended this week but the WWE UK network is apparently coming very soon…so watch out!


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  1. 14th November 2014 / 11:44 am

    I’m a little bit jealous but I’m glad you had fun. I went to see Summerslam 92 at Wembley and we were sat a long way from the ring but still had a great time. The whole event is a great musical, visual and athletic performance and you have to really admire them when you remember how they perform around 13 nights out of 14.

    I too often like the baddies and usually often do so but though I think evil Seth Rollins is a great athlete, I don’t like his character. Currently I like The Authority, Brrrrrock Lesnar and Randy Orton who are all villainous and there is a special place for AJ Lee! It’s kind of like a violent soap opera but with sometimes better actors and performances.

    What with poor Paige, I know we don’t get as much sun as Florida but hardly anyone is that pale! Those 2 sisters need to sort themselves out too!

    From memory, wrestling goes in cycles and we’re currently in a more cartoony phase. I guess it depends on what sells the most merchandise.

    • EBotziou
      14th November 2014 / 11:46 am

      Yes Paige did stand out from the others but that’s her appeal. My favourites are still the Bella Twins!

      • 14th November 2014 / 11:48 am

        I guess it is good too for young girls to see alternatives to very tanned women.

        Yes I like the Bella Twins too. They have lots of issues that can only be sorted in the ring 🙂

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