Specs on the Beach – New Glasses from Cyprus VIDEO!

Specs on the Beach – New Glasses from Cyprus VIDEO!

Whilst in Cyprus last summer, my son snapped my specs in two and I was forced to purchase a couple of pairs of designer prescription glasses. This is the third time I have bought new glasses from Cyprus – the first time was when I was on a family holiday aged 13! The opticians out there continue to impress me with their expertise in optical testing and vast range of spectacle designs on offer. 

In a completely ‘spur of the moment’ moment I filmed a little video whilst Pip was sleeping so that you could see the glasses I bought and also to talk a little about the range of choice out in Cyprus compared to England.

It may come as a surprise to some of you that I am almost as blind as a bat and have been wearing glasses since I was eight years old. I am short sighted so I can’t see into the distance, or in fact at any distance (!), so I wouldn’t have a clue who you were if you were stood even just a few metres away from me. In fact I even have a stigmatism in one of my eyes which means that it is rugby-shaped rather than football-shaped…

Ekaterina Botziou glasses

HOWEVER, I have EXCELLENT close-up vision and have to actually take my lenses out / my glasses off to pluck my eyebrows which is just weird.

Anyway, I bought two pairs of glasses from a shop called Kyritsi in Larnaca and I absolutely love them. They are SO MUCH CHEAPER than specs from home and the actual eye test itself is very thorough and they have all the latest equipment.

Apologies if the lighting in the video isn’t that great – as I said this was a spur of the moment thing and I simply filmed it on my iPhone whilst my camera crew were at the beach…

Btw I should mention that not only do Cyprus have a great range of prescription glasses, their variety of SUNGLASSES is also outstanding and FAR CHEAPER than back home so whatever your optical needs, Cyprus definitely has the answer!

I hope this little video is at least partially informative (!) and if you like it please do check out the rest of my YouTube Channel and SUBSCRIBE.



P.S. I realise I am not looking directly into the camera in this vid – this was actually filmed a while ago before I knew what I was doing. Well I still don’t. 


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  1. Antonis
    21st June 2017 / 5:21 pm

    Amazing Post..!! keep up the great work..!!

    • Ekaterina
      21st June 2017 / 5:43 pm

      Thank you so much!!

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