The Akropolis on the Seafront

The Akropolis on the Seafront

Did you know? Athens isn’t the only place where you can view the wonders of the ancient Acropolis (or Akropolis). The Akropolis Greek Restaurant in Westcliff-on-Sea (near my home town of Leigh-on-Sea) offers a wide range of traditional and modern Greek dishes all within 5 minutes walk of the seafront.
I first went to the Akropolis as a child and I’m pretty sure that somewhere along the line the owners are probably related to my family.

The restaurant seats up to 60 people and caters for intimate or larger parties with live music most evenings.


You can choose from the meze menu which offers a selection of dips, kalamari, pork, halloumi and more, or the main menu which offers all the typically Greek delicacies you could wish for including spanakopita, moussaka, keftedes and kleftico.

Desserts include baklava, kataifi and Greek yoghurt and honey and you can wash that all down with a pint of Mythos or a sophisticated glass of Othello. Opa!


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