The Best are Greek!

The Best are Greek!

The Best are Greek!

From Socrates to Hercules

The Greeks can bring us to our knees;

A nation full of dazzling minds

(And a few rotund behinds),

The Greeks invented all we know,

The stars, the earth, they fear no foe.

In battle they defy the odds,

300 Spartans fought like Gods

Against the mighty Persian men,

No other race will rise again

To match the strength the Grecians bear,

Who else could have such curly hair

And still defeat the red-eyed witch,

The Gorgons and Abramovich

With wit and wisdom, wealth and style

(If only for a little while)

And still the Greeks do not back down,

In the face of death they frown,

For no-one can outshine a Greek,

Once you’ve gone Greek you’ve reached your peak!

As lovers they are known to be

Sweeter than a ripe Karpuzy*.

Both wise Queen Liz and Jackie O

Fell for the charms of a Greek beau.

True heroes are all Greek by birth,

No other blood would be of worth.

From Jason and his Golden Fleece

To Perseus and Prince Phil of Greece,

Sampras and Andre Agassi,

Vangelis and Nana Mouskouri,

Cleo, Alex, Constantine,

George Michael, Demis, Anna Vissi

And if you ever need a friend

Miss Aniston can surely lend

A helping hand

For Greeks are loved throughout the land.

No-one can spurn the Hellenic realm,

For mighty Zeus sits at its helm

And until death you’ll hear them roar,

“The Golden Greeks will reign forever more!”

(* N.B Karpuzy is Greek for watermelon.)

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  1. 9th July 2013 / 8:46 am

    It’s all Greek to me

  2. EBotziou
    18th May 2013 / 12:39 pm

    Thank you!

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