The Perils of Cooking for a Greek Man

The Perils of Cooking for a Greek Man

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well this is particularly true if your man is Greek. To most Greek men, a woman’s place is in the kitchen and that is where she should stay.

The eating habits of a Greek man may vary; some eat very little at breakfast but splurge throughout the day, while others enjoy a hearty sit-down meal at every opportunity. One thing is for certain, if their food is not on the table at the correct time, all hell will break loose. A hungry Greek is not a pretty sight; cutlery is smashed, tables are overturned, and more often than not, any remaining food will be hurled at the wall. You will then be expected to make a solid meal out of this squashed produce.

Greeks are extremely fond of their food and will attempt to spread their gluttonous passion. It is considered rude to refuse extra helpings and even ruder to leave uneaten food on your plate. Even if you are on the verge of throwing up, a Greek is bound to pile more food onto your plate.

On one of our annual holidays to Greece, a completely random woman asked my father if we were too poor to eat as we were all so skinny. He replied that she must be very rich. For obvious reasons.

Table manners are not something the Greeks are familiar with. Talking with your mouth full, eating with your hands and taking food off of another person’s plate is considered to be perfectly acceptable behavior. There is also no real course order; everything is eaten at the same time. The point is to enjoy your meal and to not be restrained, even when you are doubled over in pain with severe indigestion. There is always room for an extra helping.

All Greek meals should be served with a salad, bread, dips and any other spare food that might be lying around. After the main meal is finished, several different desserts should be brought out; one cake is not enough. Fresh fruit should also be served along with coffee and/or more alcohol. Of course it is expected that all of these desserts will be home-made.

It is important to remember that Greeks don’t eat to live, they live to eat! And a Greek woman is expected to live to cook. So turn the oven on now.


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  1. 16th December 2013 / 12:08 am

    only just found your wonderful blog…..i shall make sure my daughters read all of your offerings….well done…..extremely entertaining….and so true to life…i miss my life in Greece…somehow the outer hebrides isnt quite the same….xxxxxxxx

    • EBotziou
      16th December 2013 / 8:52 am

      Thank you for your lovely message Annetta! I hope I can continue to entertain you and your daughters! 🙂 Have a wonderful Christmas xxx

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