“This is a (Greek) man’s world”

“This is a (Greek) man’s world”

I’m always scribbling down words that rhyme and have recently been inflicted with poetical madness which has resulted in several poems relating to Greek life, Greek men, Greek marriage, and other stuff for all to (hopefully) enjoy! These poems can also be seen in my book Greek Expectations: The Last Moussaka Standing available directly from my blog or from Amazon.

A Greek Man’s World

In life it’s very clear to see,
That man and woman will never be
On equal standing, although we claim
That all ladies can up their game
And sally forth into the midst
Of raging men and their tight fists.
Yet how can we fair sex compete,
When man makes us bow and wash his feet
With our fine hair,
Oh yes a man expects no less,
And woe betide a lady who,
Will stand and fight amongst the few.
It’s true that times have changed and yet,
The underlying rule to let
The man decide a woman’s fate,
And be worshipped like a Saint
Is still prevalent in the world,
And in the Greek faith it has unfurled.
In Ancient Greece, Zeus ruled the skies
And down on Earth in human eyes
The only creature to be of worth
And gain respect since his miracle birth
Was the male, oh joy! regale
Us all with the masculine tale
Of how a man is the head, the girl only the form
And since time began, it has been viewed as the norm
To pray for a son
And not only one,
But a whole herd of boys,
For girls are merely toys,
In the world of a Greek man.
From a tender young age Greek boys are taught,
That a man is supreme and all men can be bought
And a woman must tend to a man’s smallest needs
While he goes out in the world to plant all his seeds.
Indeed it is true that a Greek man won’t dare
Step foot into a woman’s domestic lair.
He learns from his mother that all girls will weep,
When he wakes from his sleep
And they see his pure face
Blessed with wisdom and grace
And only a girl who is rich, wise and fair,
Will do for her son although she is expected to care
Only for him and forget all her dreams
For the man is the head, the woman only the seams
That keeps the body together,
But man will forever
Be ruler of heaven and seas.


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