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The Greek Wives Club is a HUGE fan of domestic Greek goddess Tonia Buxton who has enriched our lives with her colourful cuisine and eternally sunny disposition.

Tonia is the presenter and producer of The Discovery Channels’ award winning series My Greek Kitchen. The series was such a success for the channel that she went on to make series 2 of My Greek Kitchen and a further series, My Cypriot Kitchen. The series has received global acclaim and are shown in 30 different countries.

Tonia trained as a beauty therapist before studying classics at university and then became a primary school teacher. Coming from a Greek-Cypriot family, food was always an important part of her life and she decided to broaden her knowledge of fitness and nutrition by training as a nutritionist.

A busy mother of four, Tonia co-authored the book Have A Baby and Look Better Than Ever in 2000 and released her first cookery book Tonia’s Greek Kitchen in 2012, packed with delicious recipes for small plates, big plates, sweet plates and even drinks.

She has written for many years on healthy eating and mood foods and she has her own regular newspaper column. Tonia is in the process of marketing her own ‘Medicinal Soup’ range, and has teamed up with The Real Greek restaurant group to launch a special, seasonal menu.

The Real Greek Bankside

The Real Greek Bankside

When not filming, writing, producing or cooking (!) Tonia works with her husband, an accomplished architect and the couple live in North London with their four children.

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