Top 10 Baby & Toddler Travelling Essentials

Top 10 Baby & Toddler Travelling Essentials

Following on from last week’s video post about what I carry in my onboard changing bag, I thought that I would whittle all that junk down to 10 top baby and toddler items that most parents might find essential when travelling with the little ‘uns. Obviously this will include stuff that you could take alongside your onboard bag or changing bag. This is not just for a flight, it could be for a car trip, long train journey etc so let’s hope I haven’t forgotten anything!

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Literally THE most important item you will ever need with kids around. I use wipes for EVERYTHING! I don’t know how on earth I survived before wipes came into my life. Now I buy them in bulk to save time and money.



This goes without saying. If you are heading off on any kind of journey you will need to bring baby/toddler food with you unless you are sure that it will be provided. As I said in my video I bring ready made bottles of milk and little squeezy bottles of food for my baby. My toddler has whatever we eat but I will bring snacks for him too. Don’t forget your sippy cups and bottles as well!



Unless you want a nasty surprise on your hands always remember to bring lots of nappies. I always bring more than I need and in fact, I’ve even started bringing big packs with me on holiday, purely because I can’t ever seem to find the exact size or brand when we go away, so I just bring my own!



If you are planning on using a car when away you may also need to bring a car seat. Unless say, the firm you are renting from can provide one. We bring a car seat with us for the journey to the airport and put it through with our luggage. Remember to check that the seat you have is compatible with the car you will be using!



 In my onboard changing bag I only take the essentials like plasters and sudo cream. I would bring a first aid kit in my luggage, particularly if we were staying somewhere unfamiliar or where I wasn’t sure if they had basic medical supplies. You can get some really nifty little travelling kits with everything you need inside or you could simply fill a little make-up bag with items of your choice. I would include sudo scream, burn/bruise cream, plasters, scissors, bite cream, calpol sachets, anti-histamine, tweezers and emergency chocolate!



Unless you want to carry your wee ones everywhere you go, you will absolutely need to bring a pram! Depending on where you are going you might want a city buggy or a more extreme all terrain pram. Looks like I’m going to need to bring a double this time round!



It can get very chilly on planes and children are bound to fall asleep in the most unusual places when travelling! So it’s always handy to bring a few blankets.



You absolutely don’t want a soaking wet child or one covered in sick/food on your hands when travelling! So it’s always good to bring a change of clothes with you. I always do this when flying as well in case our luggage goes missing so we have a few outfits to last us a couple of nights.



Don’t forget to bring your child’s special toothpaste or toothbrush and always bring a high factor suncream if you aren’t sure whether the place you are travelling to will have any. It’s better to be safe than sorry!



Whether your baby loves his comforter or teething rattle, or your toddler loves her colouring books, it’s always a good idea to bring some bits n’ bobs to entertain them when on a flight or in the car. Why not put a little activity pack together or have them pack their own little rucksack with all the things they love. At least you might get 5 minutes of peace!


What do you consider essential baby/toddler travelling items?

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