Top 10 Easter Eggs!

Top 10 Easter Eggs!

Easter is my favourite time of the year – Spring has just begun, the days are getting brighter and summer is only a season away. And most importantly, the shops are filled with one of the greatest gifts of all: CHOCOLATE.

Chocolate Easter Eggs are basically what Easter is all about right?! (Ok if you want to read about the other stuff check out my old post A Visit from the Easter Bunny!)

Crème eggs are a particular favourite of mine – I just wish that somebody would make my dream come true and fill the LARGE EGGS with the crème inside!

For the price of several crème eggs you can now buy increasingly elaborate Easter Eggs topped with diamond dust (?!) , wrapped in gold leaf, and served inside jewel-encrusted egg cases.

So here is my TOP TEN round-up of Easter Egg wonders ranging from the most decadent to the most demure. And if anyone wants to send me some to sample I would be more than happy to oblige!

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The Shawish Easter Surprise


Previously available exclusively at Harrods, Geneva based high-end jewellery brand, Shawish unveiled the most expensive edible Easter egg in 2014. The shell, handcrafted by award winning chocolatier Philippe Pascoët , opens up to reveal a Shawish pendant on an 18 carat white gold necklace. The eggs can be customised, with extras such as a jewel encrusted egg case, or a sprinkling of diamond dust on the chocolate. The eggs retailed for around £31,500 (!!!), but it is unknown if they will be making a return to Harrods in the future.


The Golden Speckled Egg

Golden Speckled Egg

The current world record holder for the most expensive non-jewelled chocolate egg is the Golden Speckled Egg by master chocolatier William Curley. According to Mental , the egg weighied in at 110lbs and is made from Venezuelan Amadei chocolate. The egg took seven chefs three days to complete, and inside are handcrafted William Curley chocolates, in flavours such as Japanese black vinegar, and juniper and cassis. When sold at a Faberge sponsored charity auction in 2012, the Golden Speckled Egg fetched £7000 – in the current market, that’s enough to buy 14,000 Creme Eggs. (I know which I would prefer!)


Caramel Easter Egg SandwichHotel chocolate easter egg sandwich

Why not try something different with this Easter egg sandwich from Hotel Chocolat! They have copied some evenly sliced granary bread with a 3D scanner and recreated it in perfect caramel chocolate, sandwiched with caramel chocolate half-eggs. Presented in a classic takeaway sandwich box for a fun and cheeky twist on the traditional Easter gift.


Thornton’s Statement Easter EggThorntons Statement Easter Egg

Make a statement this Easer with one of Thornton’s luxury Easter eggs. This milk chocolate Statement Egg comes with it’s own box of Thorntons Continentals and Thorntons Classics. Delve into Tempting Toffee or enjoy the taste of the continent with a Viennese Truffle, Alpini Praline, Sicilian Lemon and much more. Wrapped in a gold bow and finished with white and dark chocolate decoration these chocolate eggs will make a statement with your friends and family this year. And it’s gluten-free!


Milk Chocolate Dinosaur Studded Egg

Chococo dino egg

Children and adults will love this milk chocolate egg studded with Dorset dinos & ammonites from Chococo. The egg is handmade using Venezuelan origin milk chocolate and is then marbled with dark & white. It’s ROARSOME!


Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Marc De Champagne Truffles

Charbonnel et Walker easter egg

Champagne AND truffles from Charbonnel et Walker makes for the perfect Easter egg. This milk chocolate egg is full of surprises. Behind its solid shell is a selection of Marc De Champagne truffles which combine the flavours of champagne and wild strawberries. Crack open to share with loved ones, or tuck in and enjoy! Presented in a stunning new egg box design, it will make a wonderful gift for friends and family alike.


Godiva Easter Box

Godiva Easter Box

Celebrate Easter with Godiva’s colourful Easter chocolate surprises. The wicker hamper includes a small milk chocolate egg, colourful mini chocolate egg pops, a hollow chocolate bunny and an extra indulgence with 6 of the finest truffles.


After Eight Waves Insider Egg

After eight easter egg

After eight, or before eight, it doesn’t really matter what time it is when you have this large mint flavour dark chocolate egg with a bag of fondant filled After Eight Waves inside. The luxurious creamy mint centres will have you melting with delight!


The Real Easter Egg

Real Easter Egg

If you’re not sure what Easter is really all about then the Real Easter Egg is the one for you. The first and only Fairtrade chocolate egg to explain the meaning of Easter, inside is a beautifully illustrated Easter story in the shape of a cross, a milk chocolate egg and a Fairtrade milk chocolate bar. A charity donation is made from each sale. There are three crosses on the front and under the lid there is a quote from the bible – the resurrection text from Mark chapter 16.


Cadbury Crème Egg

Cadbury creme egg

I couldn’t finish without including my trusted crème egg. The fondant centre is heavenly and many a sensitive tooth has suffered for the sake of a moments sticky sweetness. Still the crème (!) of the crop!

So what’s in your egg basket this Easter?



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  1. 6th March 2016 / 2:46 am

    I’m drooling right now, and I’m not even much of a chocolate fan. Are those first couple eggs just luxury items for the super-rich, or do normal, everyday folks ever have access to them?

    • Ekaterina
      6th March 2016 / 8:04 am

      They’re pretty much luxury items for the ridiculously rich. But Give my my creme egg any day!

  2. 1st March 2016 / 8:32 am

    That is a very delicious post you have here. I’d be very happy with the After Eight Egg. My favourite though has to be the Terrys Chocolate Orange eggs. They are just so nice, I particularly like the bit in the middle after you’ve eaten all the segments.

    • Ekaterina
      1st March 2016 / 8:38 am

      To be honest I’m not that big a fan of chocolate orange! But I’d have the After Eight egg any day…and the others!

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