Valentine’s Gift Guide for the Greek in your Life!

Valentine’s Gift Guide for the Greek in your Life!

Can you feel the love tonight? If not and you don’t know what to get your other half this Valentine’s Day, then this list might just save your bacon!


The Spartans: An Epic History

Send the SAS to pick flowers and the Marines to knit mittens, because the Spartans could have ’em for breakfast. In The Spartans: An Epic History, the book of the Channel 4 series, Paul Cartledge paints a vivid picture of one of the most extreme civilisations ever known-one whose ethos married the highest levels of societal and philosophical advancement with the most repressive and warlike of regimes. These ancient Greeks lived, breathed and slept “hard”.


Stainless Steel 316L Black Leather Mens Greek Key Bracelet

Etsy mens Greek key bracelet

Head to Etsy to find your man a true Spartan bracelet complete with the Greek key and leather strap.


300 / 300: Rise of an Empire Double Pack

Get your Spartan man a double bill of epic battles and oiled up six packs.


Greek Expectations: The Last Moussaka Standing

(I couldn’t resist!) Give the woman in your life the gift of comedy and let her know what’s in store if she marries into the Greek realm!


QVC Diamonique by Tova 8ct Pave Greek Key Bangle

QVC Tova Greek Key Bracelet

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Find this one from Tova at QVC.


Driving Aphrodite

Keep the laughter coming with Nia Vardalos as she tries to get her kefi (mojo) back!

FOR OTHERS (I don’t like to discriminate!)

Luxury Bath Gift Set – Olive Oil Soap Bar

Well who doesn’t like a bit of pampering with completely organic natural products?


Greek Komboloi – Evil eye Worry Beads

Greek komboloi

Get these worry beads from Etsy so that the recipient won’t ever have to ‘worry’ about Valentine’s Day again!


Simpson Exclusive Luxury Greek Island Holidays

Greek Luxury Holidays Luxury Greek Holidays - Simpson

Greek Luxury Holidays

If you’ve got some spare change why not go all out and book a luxury holiday to Greece with Simpson Exclusive. I know which present I would like best!


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