What’s in my Onboard Changing Bag VIDEO!

What’s in my Onboard Changing Bag VIDEO!

Summer is finally here and with it comes our annual travels…and a surprise YouTube video! With two young children my onboard luggage comprises of very different items to my carefree travelling days. So I thought it might be useful for new mums or mums who are off on their hols with the kids for the very first time, to do a post on what’s in my onboard changing bag.

To simplify things I decided to film what I carry so that you can see exactly what I bring and what I think is useful for babies and toddlers. Over time I’ve got pretty good at taking only the essentials. I try to be as economical as possible when packing because it just doesn’t make sense to carry really heavy bags if you need your arms free to hold the kids. I do also carry a very small separate handbag that just has my purse, passport, glasses and some basic make-up so this big bag has all the main bits in it!

So What’s in my Onboard Changing Bag?

Fisher Price Changing Bag – I can’t find this on TK Maxx anymore
Pampers Nappies
Aptamil Ready Made Formula Milk
Ella’s Kitchen Food pouches
Milton Hand Steriliser
Sudo Cream
Dentinox Teething Gel
Calpol Sachet
After Bite Cream
TK Maxx Activity Pack
Wilko Colouring Book

I also have tissues, plasters, spare clothes, a baby teething toy and some other bits n’ bobs.

I would love to know what other mums take onboard – have I overdone it? Do you take less? Please leave a comment!

Keep an eye out this Sunday for my ‘What’s in my Greek handbag?’ video (filmed in Cyprus!) and please do subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you want to keep up with all my shenanigans!



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