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Nowadays there is so much pressure put on parents when it comes to their children’s education. How much work should you be doing with your child at home? Should you have a tutor? What can you do to help them? You don’t have to sit down with your child and go through a boring textbook to help them learn. Learning through play is far more effective and nurturing especially when they are very young. Setting up visual learning cues around the house (we stick up numbers and words on our doors / fridge / walls with blu-tack), having a small desk area (or just an area in your house) set up with with some pencil and paper as an invitation to get creative, or just keeping a designated toy/learning materials area where they can use their imagination and focus on play, are all great ways to help them develop all sorts of skills.

There are also some excellent educational resources available online, but whether you want to use those or not (depending on the age of your child) and how much screen time you want to give them is up to you. However, I also think it’s good to be aware of the importance of technology in today’s society.

Below are some links to educational websites / youtube videos / online printables and books that I have found hugely helpful for my children and I hope that you find them useful too. Also please do check out my own FREE PRINTABLE WORKSHEETS page as I have created a number of educational worksheets for children.


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