NEW BOOK TRAILER for The Adventures of Omicron the Owl – Children’s Chapter Book Series

NEW BOOK TRAILER for The Adventures of Omicron the Owl – Children’s Chapter Book Series

I am excited to announce that my children’s Greek mythological chapter book series The Adventures of Omicron is now in BOOK TRAILER FORM! It took me quite some time to create this little video as part of my book promotion (!) and I really hope that everyone enjoys it! 


When the mighty god Zeus gives his daughter Athena a little mechanical owl for her birthday, she is overjoyed and names him Omicron. But poor Omicron is not allowed to stay with Athena on Mount Olympus until he has proved himself worthy of living amongst the gods. So Zeus sends him down to Ancient Greece to battle mythological monsters and outwit cunning creatures. Join Omicron as he fights ghastly giants, sharp-toothed sirens, gruesome gorgons and much more in his quest to overcome the dark lord Hades and return to Mount Olympus.


The Adventures of Omicron is a six-part Greek Mythological chapter series aimed at young readers aged between 6-10 (with pencil illustrations and clear text). The books can be enjoyed by younger children if parents wish to read to them as well as older kids who enjoy similar themes. Available in paperback and on kindle from Amazon worldwide. See links below for UK and US.

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Don’t forget that you can also get your hands on my Greek Mythological Activity Book for kids which serves as a lovely companion to the chapter series.

Available from:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

It would be wonderful if you could share the books with friends and family who may have children or grandchildren who enjoy early chapter books. Also if anyone has a spare minute, it really helps us small-time authors if people who enjoy the books leave a review on Amazon!

Don’t forget that all my other books are still available on Amazon worldwide.

Thanks to everyone who has supported little Omicron on his journey – I couldn’t have completed the series without all your help!

Take care my friends and thanks so much for reading!

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